Feelin’ Spring // Outfit

It has been a bit warmer for, like, two days last week? What can I say? Us northerners get even a tiny taste of spring and it’s time to break out the tank tops. LOL! It was warm enough one day that we had the doors open. *swoon* So I am definitely feeling motivated and inspired by spring for my wardrobe. I am going to be doing a HUGE overhaul of my wardrobe, which is really phase two because I got rid of garbage bags full of stuff a while ago, so know that the fashion posts might be a bit few and far between still for a bit. Thanks for sticking with me anyway!






Pictures were taken indoors today due to the high intensity of the wind outside. It happens. Open-mouthed smile


~ Sweater: Goodwill find $4
~ Tunic Tshirt: Walmart $5
~ Jeans: Old Navy Clearance $5
~ Booties: Hand me downs from a friend
~ Necklace: Gift

Anyone else feeling ready for spring?

By God’s Grace,


10 thoughts on “Feelin’ Spring // Outfit

  1. Love your outfit!! I can’t wait for spring to finally come! I live in the north too, so when the sun finally comes out we grab the light cardigans and flip-flops LOL!! 😀

    ❤ Hadassah


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