Writing Prompt 060: Part 7

MILLER: 7th Character from the left.
Phrase to Include: “This is bad.” “You said that already.” “It seemed worth repeating.”


Miller shook out his blanket and folded it just so. He sighed, it was still dark outside and he was so not ready to get this show on the road. He just wanted to curl his aching muscles back up and go to sleep for a year. He stuffed the now folded small blanket into his pack and pulled his black coat closer around his shoulders. He looked up to see that annoying twit named Cassie bat her long lashes at him and giggle. He hated when girls giggled. So irritating. He rolled his eyes and turned away, hoisting his pack to his back.

“Hold up Miller! I need you to carry these please.” A girl by the name of Genna who had long honey brown hair and was tall and willowy ran up to him with a kettle and a handful of spoons in her hands. They split the supplies between all their pack so no one person got the load and grew tired sooner. Genna and Liam’s sister Lissie were in charge of packing and making sure the group had everything.

He stopped and turned his back to her so she could lift the flap and place the items in herself.

“Thanks,” she brushed a wisp of hair behind her ear.

He nodded, then turned and bit his lip. Why did he feel like this when she was around? She somehow rattled his very smooth and easy manner and he always felt tongue tied. He hadn’t been one for much of any kind of companionship. His parents had been wealthy and he had had the best of everything, except parenting. They were always busy with their own affairs. His father always had business to attend to and his mother was forever going to parties and events. They had provided for his needs, nothing more. He was never shown a bit of love. He hadn’t realized what was missing until he had started going to school. The other children there seemed to have parents who loved them and spent time with them. It was then he realized what he wanted. He wanted his parents to notice him and . . . love him. He had tried seeing them of his own accord, but they were always too busy.

He started acting out. Missing school, small thefts, even got picked up by the police once. That was the only time he got any sort of a reaction out of them. He was told to go to his room and never to do anything like that again. He had followed their command, again hoping that doing what they asked would cause them to love him. It did nothing of the sort and they only became deeper and more absorbed in their own world. It had been a business party that had ended their lives. There was an accident and the carriage turned over several times. Neither his parents or the driver survived. Before the Government officials came to take him away to an orphanage of some sort, he had gathered as many of his precious possessions as he thought he would need or could carry, placed them in his haversack and slid down a rope out of his bedroom window. He had never looked back and it was only a few days later that he met the group of children traveling to the border and he decided to join them.

An exclamation and some fussing in the line ahead of him caused his thoughts to jolt to the present. Cassie bumped into his back.

“Oops! Sorry! What’s going on? Aren’t you coming to find out Miller?”

He ignored her and followed her to group around the others who were questioning Monique.

“When did you last have them?” Liam asked, a hand on the small, trembling girls shoulder.

She sniffed and rubbed her arms as if she were cold. “I think I had them last night.”

“That means she must have lost them at camp. Or on the trail.” Lissie spoke quietly.

“Lost what?” asked Jack.

“Her Tags.” Stated Carl quietly, looking frightened himself.

A collective gasp from the group seemed to swallow al the fresh air in the area.

“This is bad.” Miller fingered his own tags. The government issued them to everyone at birth or shortly thereafter. They were never to be taken off and if you lost them, you were to report to a post immediately and have them replaced. But the fact that Monique lost her tags on the trail meant that the people who were looking for them could potentially find them easily. Miller looked down the path in search of the tags. Maybe they were lying nearby. They were not within sight, but he caught view of Heather. She was a girl with dark skin, from a race that was rare in this country. She stood with arms folded and eyes staring into the trees, a good distance from them by herself. She was always like that. By herself.

“What are we going to do?” Lissie asked Liam quietly.

“This is bad.” Miller stated again in case no one had heard him. An urgency to get going had come upon him and he felt scared, as if the people who could be looking for them were not far behind them.

“You said that already.” Jack glared at him.

“It seemed worth repeating.”

“Oh brother.” Growled Jack.

Miller folded his arms and tried to hide a shiver while he looked over his shoulder. Why did he suddenly feel so uneasy?


*wails* we are running out of characters I am afraid! And. . . ahem, *Sheepish grin* I don’t actually have an ending. Should I write one? Or do I just leave you hangin? *wink*

By God’s Grace,


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt 060: Part 7

  1. An ending! Most Definitely! You can’t just leave Lissie and Miller and Genna and Liam and Carl and Jack and Cassie in the middle of the journey — we need to know what happens to them all!!! 😀


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