London in the Dark Anniversary Signups!


Hello Everyone! So London in the Dark turned One on March 6! *cue the kazoo’s*

I obviously wanted to celebrate, so I am inviting you to come and hang out with me on March 30 and 31st!

I am offering tour spots open to bloggers, so if you are interested in free books, feel free to sign up!

I am doing something special this time. I will randomly select 5 Applicants who will be able to give away one paperback copy each of London in the Dark on their own blog. In addition to that, I will also be hosting a FABULOUSLY large giveaway on my own blog those two days, for those of you who aren’t one of those five. In addition to that, all tour applicants will receive a free ebook copy of London in the Dark for review! There are more details in the form, so be sure to check that out.

Signups end March 20 at Midnight EST.

There are going to be a lot of fun things going on for these two days! There will be a Facebook party that weekend at some point, and an Instagram live as well. Which. . . I am hoping to film for all of you lovelies who might not have either of those social medias. ❤

It’s going to be a fun shebang and I am packing A LOT into those two days. You won’t want to miss it! London in the Dark was my first book ever and has a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to share it with you and I hope you will join me in celebrating this giant milestone in my life. So all in all, I hope you can come!

By God’s Grace,


3 thoughts on “London in the Dark Anniversary Signups!

  1. Hey Victoria! I’m not sure if you got it, but I sent you an email. I’m a bit confused on the dates I should do everything and it’d be helpful to know as soon as possible in case I have to move something. 🙂


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