Still Sweaterin’ // Outfit







Pardon the kitty cat that was photo bombing the entire shoot. *facepalm* LOL! But you know me, I’m all about sharing real life, so scratch the perfect photo shoot and here we are. Open-mouthed smile I loved this outfit! I felt so chic! LOL!


Sweater: thrifted $8
Jeans: Old Navy $5
Boots: Cato’s $6
Neck scarf: Meijer $1

Despite the fact that spring is kind of starting to show it’s face, the fact remains that it is still sweater weather. The days when I try to get away with something lighter, I end up freezing, so I am still in sweater mode, though it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay that way. I am so looking forward to spring. Almost there. I miss dresses and skirts and not having to wear leggings all the time. And flip flops. *swoon* I am getting so tired of boots. Open-mouthed smile Soon!

What is it like in you neck of the woods?

By God’s Grace,


5 thoughts on “Still Sweaterin’ // Outfit

  1. Well here, it is just as sunny and hot as ever. Almost feels like summer, but without the humidity. 🙂 You are blessed to have some cold weather. It was cold a couple weeks ago, but I wish it would stay!


  2. Cute outfit and cute kitty! ❤

    It's trying to be spring here…there are flowers and today was nice enough I took da beagle for a walk with only a sweater on and not a coat. Then it's actually supposed to rain all day tomorrow and then there's possibility of snow on Wednesday. Just…WHY? I WANT WARMTH! I want to wear my new frilly spring Sunday outfits and my short sleeves! But I can't. Because it's too cold. *glares at weather* :p


  3. Happy Spring, to you! Today is actually warmish and rainy. 🙂
    Sweater weather is so much fun though – I’m not entirely sure if I’m ready for really warm weather yet! I like your boots – that’s pretty cool that you got such a good deal on them.


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