Writing Prompt 061: Part 8


Line to include: “I have an idea.” “That’s stupid.” “I haven’t even said it yet!”


“I have an idea!” Cassie felt excited as she announced to the world her thought

“That’s stupid.” Jack spoke and turned away.

“I haven’t even said it yet!” She glared at him and folded her arms.

“What is it Cassie?” Liam asked.

“What if we got rid of all of our tags? We are trying to leave the country aren’t we? We won’t need them where we are going. We could leave them somewhere else and throw anyone who could be following us off our trail.”

Silence greeted her idea and she looked around at the others. Liam was thinking and the others looked at each other as if considering the idea.

“I told you that was stupid.” Said Jack with a self-righteous air. That boy sure knew how to get under her skin.

“Is not!” she shoved his elbow.

“No wait!” Liam’s words interrupted Jack as he went to shove her back. “She’s right. I think we need to do this. But here’s the deal, we are going to separate and meat farther down the trail. The group I send are going to spread our tags on their trail, then cross back to ours. Thanks Cassie, that’s a great idea.”

Cassie puffed her chest out and fingered the small sparring sword that hung at her side. She may be young and small, but she did have good ideas and could hold her own. Everyone seemed to look down on her because they didn’t think she could do much.

She had been taken out of the workhouse at the young age of 4 by the government officials because they thought she would be a good addition to their special program of officials in training. The officials were basically glorified soldiers who patrolled on the Emperors business. They were taught to fight, crowd control, and the laws. Cassie had grown to be five feet and then stopped. She never grew any taller and instead of being the broad, strong girl the officials had been sure she would become, she had stayed small and slight. She had worked hard to make up for the difference, but the teachers had lost hope in her and paid her no mind. She was bullied by the other stronger children and because of this, her fighting skills became sharper as she fought to stay on top. She took top prize at one of the fighting competitions and started to receive notice from the headmasters. They pushed her harder, causing her to receive more taunting and bullying from the larger students. They may have been larger and stronger, but she was far more agile and swift. One night, they had lured her outside of the barracks and stolen her sword. Two held her while the rest gave her a pummeling she wouldn’t soon forget. She had run away that night. Nothing was worth putting up with being beat up and beat down all the time.

She had come to realize that the Emperor was a hard man and his ways and laws often confused her. She soon came to see that she didn’t want any part of it. She had met up with Liam’s groups while hunting down something to eat. She had seen Miller first and she thought he was extremely handsome and strong looking. He didn’t seem to like her that much, but she could always admire him from afar.

Cassie felt excited now at the opportunity to throw away her tags. They represented to her what the emperor and the government stood for and she didn’t want them always reminding her of her previous life.

“Do I have any volunteers to take the tags?” Liam asked and looked at the others. “Maybe I should.”

“No Liam, you’re the leader, you need to lead the rest of the group.” Frederick spoke.

“I nominate Cassie; it was her idea.” Grumbled Jack.

“She can’t go alone. We should send a group.” Liam suggested.

“Agreed.” Nodded Lissie.

“How about Cassie, Heather and Miller.” Liam nodded to the ones he had chosen.

Cassie smiled smugly. The opportunity to perhaps show off for Miller sounded like a load of fun.


Two more left! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

By God’s Grace,


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