London in the Dark Birthday Celebration // Day Two

London in the Dark

Welcome to day two! The final day of this shebang. Today I have a few more things to share with you, then, I’m going to share with you some exciting things about the sequel, Shadows in London. Let’s get started!

~London in the Dark Character Personality Quiz~

Which character from London in the Dark are you most like? Take this quiz to find out!

~Autographed Copies Available~

Autographed copy

There are autographed copies of London available for purchase. To order a signed copy, shoot me an email from my contact page. I take payment via paypal. I am also running a special on these as well. Availability is limited.

~Shadows in London Temporary Cover~

I made this cover mockup for Goodreads and my CampNANo projects. I thought I would share it with you. I am hoping to be able to get the legal rights to the image so that I can actually use it for the final cover. You can add it as To Read here.

Temporary Shadows Cover

~Shadows Synopsis~

London, 1912

In the wake of the Titanic’s sinking, all of England is in unrest and nothing is as it seems.
Widowed landlady Mrs. Vivian Hobbs, has grown resigned to spending the rest of her life alone. But suddenly she is faced with an alternative she never could have expected.

Officer William Ridley is consumed by his occupation, but when the unstable foundation upon which he has built his life gives way, despair takes hold.

Retired Detective Harlow Doyle can’t seem to stay retired. When he lands in the hospital due to his need to help, he must seek the assistance of his friends to solve a case that grows more dark and ominous as the days pass.

A missing persons case, an uncertain romance, and a dangerous gang draw their lives inexorably together, sweeping them into a sea of uncertainty.
Will the shadows in London engulf them all? Or will the Light of Christ scatter the darkness?

~ A bit about the book~

This book is definitely going to be more intense with lots more going on. The Titanic sank in the spring of 1912, and as a result, historically, London at that time was in an incredibly turbulent time. Conspiracy’s were flying thick and fast, corporate companies were on the edge of either failing or pulling through a second industrial revolution, rumors of war, and the women’s right’s movement was getting an ugly start. The book is set in the early summer of 1912, just a mere two or more months since the Titanic has sunk. As a result, there is a lot of room for things to go wrong with all the confusion and chaos that exists.

The book has plenty of Cyril, Olivia, and Dudley, however it mostly centers around Mrs. Hobbs, Harlow Doyle, and Officer Ridley, whom some may remember from book one. An uncertain romance catches everyone by surprise and drug running is something that both Harlow and Cyril encounter with a vengeance.

I don’t want to share much more due to not spoiling anything, but it is really going to be epic, and I am so excited about it!

~ My progress on the book~

The rough draft is in the works! More than in the works though. I am halfway to two thirds complete with this baby. This book proved to be quite the stubborn writing project as it continued to grow the more I worked on it. As a result, instead of feeling like I was getting closer to finishing it, more things kept popping up that needed to be written about, making this book quite long. I don’t doubt that it will probably be 25K longer than book one, but this story deserves it. My tentative goal (that I’m not holding my breath over because life has been insane lately) is to have the rough draft finished by the end of April. (or somewhere around there) So don’t hold me to that, but that is my hope. There is a huge chunk written though and that encourages me greatly.

~ Shadows in London Pinterest Board~

Guys. This board is a doozy. I’m quite proud of it actually. It’s pretty spectacular if I do say so myself. I feel instantly inspired when I start scrolling through it. It’s so pretty!

2018-03-31 (3)

2018-03-31 (4)

2018-03-31 (5)



Follow THIS LINK to enter the giveaway. (unfortunately rafflecopter won’t let me embed the giveaway on my blog, so you have to use the link)

~Tour Participants for the Day~

Be sure to check these lovely ladies out! Some of them are even hosting giveaway’s of their own!

Grace @ True and Pure (Interview)
Liv K. Fisher @ Liv. K Fisher (Interview and Giveaway)
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Faith @ The Florid Sword (Interview)
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~Character Meet and Greet~


You hear right! There will be three characters there for you to meet! You must be at the facebook event to meet these characters thought. As of yet, they will not be making an appearance on the blog. You will be able to ask them questions, and chat with them. 4 PM EDT. Click on the picture to go to the event. I am super excited about this and the Cyril, Olivia and Dudley are too. Though they are a little nervous. Some more so than others.

That’s all for today! Be sure to pop in to the facebook event to enter to win $10 amazon gift card and meet the characters!

By God’s Grace,


13 thoughts on “London in the Dark Birthday Celebration // Day Two

  1. What age range would “London in the Dark,” be appropriate for?
    It looks like an interesting story.

    “Happy birthday to your book!” 🙂


    • Just read “London in the Dark,” yesterday! It was wonderful!! I probably liked Olivia the best. She was so lovely! I also liked Dudley a lot. He was the voice of reason in everything. 🙂

      Can’t wait for your next book!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. CONGRATS on LITD’s anniversary, Victoria! These two books are soo amazing sounding and I can’t wait to buy ’em. You have such a SWEET gift from God!!
    I don’t have a specific landmark in London I’d visit… 0-0 maybe a coffee shop? xD


  3. Just found your blog, and it looks really interesting! As does “London in the Dark”- I took your quiz and I’m Dudley Woodsworth (and the description seemed pretty accurate). I look forward to getting to know you more through your posts!
    Oh, and if I was to visit any landmark in London-what a hard question!- I guess I might choose Buckingham Palace, or Big Ben.


  4. I found out about you and your book through Hosannah Konsavage and I must say I have eagerly added your books to my ever growing to-read list!


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