5 Tips to Building Your Mystery

Indie E-con Post

Today, as a part of Indie E-con, since it is Mystery day over at the main site, I thought I would share with you 5 tips to building your mystery. Mysteries can be complex, full of twists and turns and just generally a pain in the neck. But that’s what makes them super fun to write! So, here are 5 of my tips to building a mystery that will intrigue readers, and keep you from pulling your hair out in the process.

#1 Plot

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The Rebellion: Tour and Interview



WELCOME!!!! EEP! I am so excited to introduce you to one of my dear friends, Livy Jarmusch! She is such a doll and is amazing at everything she puts her hand to. Her second book of the Tarsurella series just came out and I am here to help her celebrate! It is called The Rebellion, as you can see by these BEAUTIFUL graphics! The cover is stunning, I must say! Read More »

Being Fearless: Reality


This blog has been a source of encouragement. I hope it always will be. I want my readers to leave feeling brighter, stronger, and strengthened than when they arrived. I pray that what I write is an inspiration to others. But sometimes, being raw and real can be just as encouraging. I don’t have it all together. Not that I ever claimed I did, but blogging only shares a tiny bit of my life. I struggle, the reality is, that while a lot of my life is amazing, there are still things that hurt, are painful, draining and just downright depressing at times. So this post is to share some of the reality with you. Sometimes it is encouraging to know that other people go through the same things we do.Read More »

Writing Lies // Part 4


When in doubt, always cut.

Writing Lies are back! This one isn’t an outright lie, and that’s the truth, but it does deserve some thought before following this piece of advice.

We all have those spots. You’re heart and soul is on the editing floor in the form of a written work. You are waffling back and forth on a certain scene or two that you can’t quite decide if it is pertinent to the story, or perhaps it just doesn’t seem to fit. Or maybe it’s just a bit long and it drags the story out too much. Either way, you have a dilemma. Do you cut it? Or keep it?Read More »