Serial Story Poll Winner

WOW! I am so thrilled that I decided to do this whole poll thing! Everyone was so into it and I am glad I asked! To be honest, I’m not really surprised by the winner, which I am here to announce shortly. Between the four, this is one of the top two that excited me the most! Are you ready? Here it is!


And the winner is. . .

An agent with a shadowy past ~ a young girl who was abandoned by those who should have loved her ~ a criminal who will stop at nothing to take out them both.


TA-DA! I’m super stoked about this and I can’t wait to work on it! But first. . . I have been deep in the depths of London and I hope to finish that first. I can’t leave my poor characters any longer!


Thank you all so much for voting! It makes my heart so happy to see how many of you were excited about my story ideas! I can’t wait to get it to you! Who is excited?!

By God’s Grace,


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