5 Ways To Put The Spring In Your Step

We have come off of a VERY COLD SPRING. *tries desperately hard not to be mad about it. Just this past week it has finally started to feel like spring, but then it got to be into the 80*’s and I fell a bit like we got cheated out of spring and shoved into summer instead.

I feel like once the weather gets warm, we naturally tend to take on a bit of a spring in our step, but there are definitely some ways we can help that energy along. Here are 5 ideas to get you going.

1)Switch to an iced beverage. When it’s cold outside, no one wants to drink anything icy. But now that’s it’s warm, we can finally indulge! If you are a coffee drinker, switch from your latte to an iced coffee or even, heaven of all heavens, a frappuccino! If tea is your thing, try iced tea. Even putting ice in my water has really made me drink more and enjoy it!

 2)Get outside! Even if it’s just to read a book on the patio, take even a 10 minute walk, get out there and enjoy some warm, spring breezes! Just taking a turn through the yard and making a list of things that need doing, going to the park, encouraging kids or siblings to play a quick game of catch or kickball. The sunshine or even if  it’s cloudy, fresh air will brighten your day considerably!

3) For the girls, Wear a dress or skirt. I kid you not, now that I don’t have to layer so much, I started wearing flowy skirts and dresses again and I am IN LOVE! I feel so feminine, some life has come back and I just want to dance and set my skirts to swishing! It feels so light and airy after the heaviness of winter and I can’t wait to wear some more!

4) Open the windows and doors! SWING EM WIDE! Enjoy that fresh air! After being cooped up for so many months, when we finally opened the windows, it was like I was walking on clouds. Even when it was windy, I sat in front of the window, just soaking it up because it felt so good

5) Take a weekend trip. Even if it’s just a few hours on a nature walk, a trip to the beach, or some garage saling. . . take the weekend and use it for something fun, preferably outdoors.


What do you like to do in the spring to put some more pep in your step?

By God’s Grace,



8 thoughts on “5 Ways To Put The Spring In Your Step

  1. I LOVE SPRING!!! I’ve felt so much more alive since it started to be spring, with the daffodils and blossoming trees and fresh breezes – even though there are chilly days half the time this year. I definitely love opening the windows even when it’s a bit cool. I love the breezes. And I love taking walks and admiring the cherry blossoms and redbuds. It’s so lovely!! Glad you’ve been enjoying it!


  2. I love to open my windows all day long! I haven’t yet had a chance to read outside yet but I think I’ll take a blanket and sit outside and read a book…or two! 😀


  3. Hiking!!! It’s been warm here, after a cold winter/spring, and I’m lovin’ it (no McDonalds pun intended). But yes!!! Love your ideas!


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