What I Made: A Wedding Dress


Pardon the plethora of pictures, but I talked about this a lot last year when it was happening. If you are a new follower, you might not know, but last year, my older brother got married and I had the privilege of making the bride’s wedding dress. My new sister-in-law was a dream to work with, and she was the best first client a girl could ever ask for. I worked with her to design a dress from scratch that would be just what she would want to wear on the day that she said “I do.” Thankfully, she loved it.Read More »

Why I Want To Homeschool: Intro


After giving it some thought, I really wanted to do this series. I will be posting each week about a different aspect of why I want to Homeschool my children.  So many people make judgements out of not knowing, and I really want to educate those who might not understand why I am going to choose to homeschool. As a homeschool graduate, a lot of people like to think that I am going to homeschool my kids because of one of the following:Read More »

Writing Prompt: 065



I was a wanderer.

Ever since I was little when my mom panicked because I was missing, and I was later found, oblivious. I had wandered three miles from home, down the dirt road then off into the field, following the creek as long as my little feet would carry me. The beauty of the grass swaying, the frogs chirping, and the sunlight twinkling through the dancing tree leaves had mesmerized me and I had lost all sense of where I was. Time had turned into a fleeting thing of little consequence. I had learned that you can’t just wander without telling anyone where you are going, and needless to say, I wasn’t allowed out of the house for several days. Being grounded was probably the worst form of punishment for me. While some children balked at the idea of a spanking, or getting their mouth washed out with soap, being grounded was the anathema maranatha to me. The worst of all curses.Read More »