The “Gift of No”

The gift of _no_

This is a huge struggle in my life and has become increasingly more so as the years have gone by and more things get piled on my plate. I am a pushover, which can be bad, but I also just love to help people and make people happy! Saying no has become a necessity for me, and one that I find I am failing at on a regular basis.

I’m learning it’s okay to say no. Granted, we are supposed to live open and giving lives, but sometimes God doesn’t call us to say yes. I’m not saying no out of selfish need or ambition. I’m saying no out of the fact that God called me to something else right now and this is not it.

I get so many things vying for my attention. And a lot of them are things that I seek out. I WANT to be able to beta read for everyone, to work on everyone’s project, to offer my time and resources to bless and help others. But I can’t ware myself to a crisp because of that. It’s honestly okay to say no.

Ever since seeing a particular comedy sketch by our favorite comedian, Tim Hawkins, I have been able to laugh, but also to think seriously about what he called “the gift of no.”

Where would we be as children if our parents never told us no? Saying is an important part of anyone’s life. We wouldn’t be who we are now if someone hadn’t told us no at one point in our life. “No” isn’t bad. As long as you are seriously praying about it before making the decision, saying no can be a good thing.

I hate saying no. I honestly do. I wish I could do any and everything, but I just can’t. I’m only one person and I only have one life to live. I need to make sure that everything I am doing fits in God’s plan for me.

What about you? Do you struggle with saying no? What are some things that have helped you step back and say no more?

By God’s Grace,



5 thoughts on “The “Gift of No”

  1. I think I’m pretty good at knowing my limits and saying no when necessary, but I probably also sometimes say it too often and should learn that it’s also okay to say yes. Gotta be less Baggins and more Took and go on an “adventure” now and then. 😉


  2. I struggle with this too! It’s something I’ve had to get better about lately, as my blog gets more traffic and people offer me free books to review, opportunities to write for, etc. I’ve learned that honestly, most of the time no is the right answer, which then frees me to say yes to the opportunities which are truly God’s best for me.


  3. I’ve had to learn how to graciously tell people no, because it really is something that is totally needed in life! Thanks for this post.


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