I Became Cinderella. . .












After watching the new version of Cinderella, I wanted to make a version of the dress just for fun. Knowing how expensive material is, I knew that would be an improbability. I just totally fell in love with the fashion from that movie. It wasn’t long after watching the movie that I walked into a local thrift store and saw this blue beauty hanging in the prom section. I immediately made a dive for it and it ended up being half off! I was so stoked! The thing was huge and my mom would often joke that it needed it’s own zipcode. Open-mouthed smile

It sat in storage except for a few times when I took it out to try it on again. It was too big, strapless, and I even contemplated taking up the waist. I just never got around to it until a friend from work was throwing a prom themed birthday party. I instantly knew now was my chance to wear it. I pulled it out and proceeded to alter it, take it in and add some details to it. The day of the party, I did my makeup in a very glowy, sparkly fashion and put on the dress. My dream of being a princess for a day came true.

It was such a blast to finally be able to wear the beautiful blue gown. I hope to be able to wear it again for special events and have even toyed with the idea of wearing it to a children’s hospital. That would be so much fun!

Have you ever wanted to go all out with a gown? Who would you want to dress up as?

By God’s Grace,


35 thoughts on “I Became Cinderella. . .

  1. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!!! You look especially gorgeous, and that dress is so lovely! ❤ Now I want to check out all the prom dress sections at my local thrift stores, too! 😉

    Liv // livkfisher.blogspot.com

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  2. Oh, I love it! I love dressing up too! I’ve never worn anything quite like that, but a few friends and I did dress up in hoop-skirts and lovely dresses, and since we live in the city, we did get a few honks, a couple whistles, and nearly caused a wreck. 😉
    Go put some smiles on small faces at a children’s hospital! If I lived closer, I’d totally join you. 😀

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  3. Ah! I had the opportunity to dress up as the 2015 Cinderella for my Sweet 16 last year. I bought it from eBay and was pleasantly surprised. I felt so incredible wearing an actual ball gown. You look beautiful!

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  4. You make a wonderful and beautiful Cinderella. That dress is gorgeous. I love the color. That blue is so becoming on you as is that hairstyle. “Cinderella is my favorite princess. I even have a “Cinderella” watch from when I was a little girl. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Gaaaah so beautiful! Both the dress and you in it! 😀 That does it, I’m convinced you must really be a fairy godmother to have such magical sewing skills because it takes talent to even be able to alter something that well! ;D

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