Writing Prompt: 066


Water had never felt so cruel.

It had been playful, frolicking, comforting. The rhythmic sound of it crashing on the shore had been what soothed her to sleep each night as a child. It had held her in its arms as she rested upon the calm. She had found her solace in the beach and it had been a delight to her.

But now, it had turned on her. She had been deemed the cause of the curse that had befallen her voyage aboard the Moon Queen. Trailed by storm after storm, attacked by water thieves who refused to call themselves pirates, they had limped upon their journey until half-starved and crazed, the men had gagged and thrown her overboard. She had been unable to call out to the captain who had promised her safe voyage and was undoubtedly asleep. She had nearly drowned before the feeling had come back to her limbs, tingling fiercely in her feet and she had kicked for the surface with the experience of a well-trained swimmer.

When she broke the surface and coughed up what water she could and tried to scream for help, the ship had made it quickly too far out of reach. She had swum for it, willing herself not to let her panic overtake her, but the full sails were up and it flew far too fast for a lone swimmer to be able keep up.

The light of the moon was her only grace when it shone on an outcropping of rocks that heralded land of some sort. She had swum for it, but the waves had been against her, causing her to grow tired fighting them.

She beat the waves, but they threw her hard against the rock, tearing her clothes and bruising her tender flesh.

Broken, exhausted, and with one last heave of energy, she pulled herself out of the water and on top of the rock. She needed to get help, but her legs felt like jelly as she collapsed there and felt spray from the waves splash over her as if mocking her.

Never again would she trust the water.


Whatcha think?

By God’s Grace,


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