Why I Want To Homeschool: Safety


I am going to split this into sections, as you will see later in the series. Today, I am going to be talking about physical safety. So many things happen on school campuses that are not often talked about, and when they are, oftentimes, there aren’t that many ways, nor people who care enough to try to obliterate them. Certain school systems in our area are worse than others, but here are some things that go on. Aside from the more recent prevalence of school shootings (which I know is a bit of a hot button topic right now) that have sadly swept our country, there are many other things that can cause physical harm to my kids. I know full well that you can’t wrap your child in bubble wrap, but part of this goes along the lines of the saying “we are the company we keep”. I have no control over who the children my kids are going to school with are.

In areas near where I live, schools have had issues with drug usage, smoking, drinking, and other inappropriate behavior happening in school bathrooms and other less monitored areas. And I’m not just talking in High School either. This was middle school. There are so many things that could go wrong when my kids go to school and since I’m fully equipped to school them myself, I see no reason to send them into a veritable den of evil that could just be avoided.

Again, please don’t think that I am naive enough to think that my kids will never see heartache, trouble or anything bad if I homeschool them. That’s not what I am saying. There are plenty of evils they can experience from home if they choose to, but I don’t want to make it any easier for them to discover drugs, alcohol, premarital sex, violence, bullying, etc before they need to or while their minds are young and impressionable.

What are your thoughts?

By God’s Grace,


5 thoughts on “Why I Want To Homeschool: Safety

  1. So true! I am just finishing up my senior year in high school. I have heard some pretty interesting stories from friends in the public schools.
    Someday, I am going to homeschool my kids, Lord willing!


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  2. Thank You for this honest and inspiring post. I did attend public school all through High School. If I had children I would home school. Public schools do not have a solid curriculum either.


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