Why I Want to Homeschool: Mind Protection


Let’s face it, the public school isn’t the cleanest mental place for my child to be. I have talked with friends, coworkers, and others about what their experience was going to a public school, and backed up with further research, I am not excited about the idea of sending my child there.

So much adult content such as sex, drugs, alcohol, violence and other things, whether advertently or inadvertently, is funneled into kids brains in the public school system. It might be from another child who watches garbage that I wouldn’t watch myself, let alone let my kids watch, or it might even be through the classes that they are required to take.

Did you know that sex education, how it works, etc is taught to children as young as 2nd and third grade, sometimes even younger such as kindergarten?

I don’t want to go into detail, because I don’t like to speak of such things in public, but they are learning about things beyond reproduction and learning about things that God did not intend, and we will leave it at that.

If you want to read more or listen to more on the subject, you can do that here and here. If you are younger than 18, I would recommend asking your parents before you watch or read these articles and or viewing them together.

I would rather teach my children myself on this subject in a healthy way, environment and at the proper age. Did you know, studies show that when a child learns something for the first time, that is how it is imprinted into their brain and makeup? Once that thing, good or bad, has been taught, you must now unlearn that thing and relearn it the correct way, which takes reinforcing that truth over and over again for a lengthy period of time before it sticks. I don’t want to take that risk.

I understand that I approached this topic in a very vague way, and I did that on purpose. I hope that I still made sense.

What are your thoughts?

By God’s Grace,


4 thoughts on “Why I Want to Homeschool: Mind Protection

  1. It made perfect sense, and I, for one, am glad you broached it this way : D

    I’ve enjoyed reading each of these posts you have done — I myself was homeschooled, and am planning on educating my own children at home one day, and reading through these posts are helping me to think through and articulate why I won’t be sending my children to public school. Or private school, for that matter =)


  2. Yes I feel the same way too! Of course, people might argue that homeschoolers have no “exposure” but we actually do. It’s just the way we are exposed. We are exposed carefully, and taught correctly. From my own observations, I learned that public school going kids tend to be way more open than necessary, use lots of rough language in almost every sentence, and from young have already had the wrong mindset.

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