Why I Want To Homeschool: Worldview


This one is very important, and so all encompassing, that I will do my best to be brief without being confusing.

Worldview is incredibly important to me. It is what we look through the rest of our lives and it forms who we are, what we become and how we act in this world.

Included in this is the “law of firsts”. Did you know that scientifically, when a child learns something for the first time, that is how it is cemented in their head, and if it is a wrong thing, you must work extra hard to teach it to them the right way? Also, again, scientifically, when you learn a lie or a thought pattern that is wrong, it takes 30 days of continued, daily reinforcement to change that thought pattern into the truth.

If my child were to go to school, they would be taught things that do not measure up with a biblical worldview. Mind shaping things such as religion, beliefs, some of which can be so foundational as a habit of disobedience, or even just a swear word. Those things might not always be “learned” from a teacher, but also from fellow students. I will then, if I care about my children at all, have to re-teach them the truth. Which seems like it’s defeating the purpose.

Does that mean my children won’t learn bad things in their life? No, but this way, their basis of truth is coming from the bible and not from the government or popular opinion.

I have a very strong conviction that worldview is incredibly important to a human’s development. And the truth of the matter is that public schools have a very different worldview than I do.

There is a very narcissistic society that we live in. “I make my own rules, It’s whatever I believe to be true, reality is what I make it, I am going to live my destiny no matter what anyone else has to say. I determine my own destiny.” These are common themes in today’s day and age. The “live your truth” movement is becoming more prevalent as time goes on and to be honest, I find it somewhat scary. There is no place where this ends. Under this mindset, I could rob a bank and just say, “oh, I was just living my truth.” The worldview will get us nowhere but in trouble. There is a moral code for a reason.

My conviction is that the only absolute truth is the Word of God and it is to be trusted implicitly. We must look at every action, thought and belief through the lenses of scripture and use that to determine right and wrong.

My worry is that the Public school has a very different way of approaching this. They don’t have any standard and often encourage individuality in the sense of morality. I want my kids to grow up with a strong knowledge of the Lord and to be Kingdom shapers for the Lord. But I can’t raise them that way if they are at a world filled, agenda pushing public school for 8-9 hours out of every day. As their parent, I am the one responsible for those things and I want them to be so solidly built on God and His word that a world like the one we live in today won’t shape them.

God is very clear about they way He wants us to teach His truths to our children.

“Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Deut. 11:19

I can’t be constantly teaching my children the truth of God when they are at a public school being filled with questionable belief systems and potential lies.

Since this is something that I feel very passionately about, I hope that I did not come off too strong and that you all know I am not condemning anyone else’s choice to public school their children. God leads different people in different ways.

I’ll talk more about my responsibility in a later post, but worldview and the one that shapes them is one of the main reasons I want to homeschool.

What do you think about shaping your child’s worldview?

By God’s Grace,


5 thoughts on “Why I Want To Homeschool: Worldview

  1. Great post! I was cyber-schooled which allowed me to interact with teachers and students in a monitored environment, while staying home with my mother. There are so many benefits to homeschooling (or even cyber school) and it teaches the kids to be self-reliant, self-disciplined, and self-motivated — which are great traits for the work force that are not taught in public school. We actually end up having an edge! 😉 And kids aren’t bullied when they’re homeschooled, which affects grades and mental health — pretty much every aspect of their world. It’s great that you plan on homeschooling. If I ever have kids, that’s definitely the route I’d go as well. This society is something else, that’s for sure…


  2. I agree with you that there are some really scary school options in our world. Thankfully in west Michigan we have some great options and I’m thankful for that!
    I want to say tho, some of my closest and most beautiful hearted, kindest friends attended public school from preschool to graduation. They are the friends I go to for advice, wisdom and they have such an amazing heart for God. That being said, I’m not saying they are that way because of public school, but in my life I have found the most beautiful souls out of a public school life so, yes, being around a poor worldview is not necessarily a healthy choice, but I was homeschooled (and my husband) and we both made terrible choices in our older years.
    Unfortunately we can’t control the choices our children will make in the future based off of the school they attend. I wish it was that easy. I pray for my children daily. I pray for their spirits, their hearts and their walk with God. I have absolute trust in the plan God has more kids in the future and ultimately I cannot be the one that makes them into who they are going to be. I can guide them and teach them what I know but it’s Gods plan for their future in the end and I trust him implicitly with His children.
    Love you 😘


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