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Today I am here with a special treat for you! My dear friend, Allison Tebo is relaunching her book, The Reluctant Godfather. I have gotten to see this project grow from it’s infancy and it has been a pleasure to be able to assist her through the process of beta reading and even down to designing and formatting this new edition! I am so excited to see where she goes with this series, and having read the book numerous times, it’s such a pleasure that I am sure anyone would enjoy!



A humorous and magical re-telling of Cinderella from a unique perspective.

Burndee is a young and cantankerous fairy godfather who would rather bake cakes than help humans. A disgrace to the fairy order, Burndee has only two wards entrusted to his care…a cinder girl and a charming prince.

A royal ball presents Burndee with the brilliant solution of how to make his wards happy with the least amount of effort. He’ll arrange a meeting and hope the two fall in love.

The debut novella from Allison Tebo, ‘The Reluctant Godfather’ is a new addition to the charming fairy tale tradition of Cameron Dokey and K.M. Shea.


Allison Tebo

So, without further more ado, on to the interview! Many thanks to Allison for joining me for this post!


What inspired you to create the Tales of Ambia?

Originally, I had no intention whatsoever of writing a series. Then I started receiving reader feedback, asking me if I was going to write more.  I was surprised and intrigued, and shortly after that, I received a rush of beautiful inspiration, and several sequels formed in my mind.  It was definitely my readers who inspired me to create the Tales of Ambia, and I’m forever grateful to them.  And of course, all inspiration comes from our Creator, and I am so grateful for that wave of creativity.

How many books do you have planned for the series?

I currently have seventeen books planned—not counting some spin-off stories.  *uncomfortable laugh*  Yes, I’m crazy – in less than two years, this series has grown from a single book to a seventeen book series.  Hopefully this growth spurt will end!

As far as what to expect next, the first five books are retellings of Cinderella, The Frog Prince, The Goose Girl, Little Red Riding Hood, and Beauty and the Beast, respectively.

What is a piece of encouragement you would share with another writer?

Just like many other things in life, remember that excitement and motivation come and go in cycles.  There will be many days when writing is excruciatingly hard. But don’t lose hope.  Inspiration and focus will continue to return after hard times in a continual ebb and flow.  As you keep at it, you will learn to ride those waves and find balance.                                                                                                                                       

What author inspires you the most (aside from the Bible)?

An indie author that inspired me to follow the path of self-publishing was Nicole Sager.   As far as who influences me in my writing and whom I most want to emulate—C.S. Lewis, Constance Savery and Rosemary Sutcliff.  They are my inspiration, my teachers—a constant source of instruction and delight.

What is your favorite chocolate? 

Hands down – Lindt (Lindor) Chocolate Truffles.  If you haven’t tried them – you are missing out!  More than once, I’ve rewarded myself for reaching a daily word count with one of these delectable little treats.

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Be sure to check out her giveaway here for a chance to win some awesome goodies!

By God’s Grace,


4 thoughts on “The Reluctant Godfather // Author Interview

  1. Thank you so much, precious sister, for being a part of The Reluctant Godfather. You have been such an incredible part of the journey and I am so grateful!

    Thank you for participating in the blog tour and for featuring The Reluctant Godfather on your blog! The interview was such fun.

    You are gorgeous inside and out! Love you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve heard lots about this book and would like to read it. I guess my favorite retelling is of a Cinderella story I read a few years ago. 🙂



  3. this looks so cool! Hmm….I think my favorite fairy tale retelling is the new Beauty and the Beast movie…does that count? haha ❤


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