Why I Want To Homeschool: Learning Types


This might be an interesting post and I will try to make as much sense as possible,
I am coming at this from two different angles.
One. Every person learns differently. If you are like me, I learn things by experience. I need to do them myself to really get the hang of it and understand after someone tells or shows me how to do something. In my family, since there were 9 kids, I found it very interesting as it gave me a front row seat to see how so many different people did everything just a little bit different.Read More »

3 Tips to Writing Flash Fiction


3 tips to writing flash fiction

Writing flash fiction has become a bit of a hobby with me. I do it nearly weekly on my blog in the form of writing prompts and have nearly 75 of them published as of right now. They are loads of fun and it is also fabulous practice for writers. It gives them the ability to focus on some core writing skills without investing months or years of your life into a huge project like a novel. Here are three tips to becoming a Flash Fiction Ninja!Read More »

Why I Want To Homeschool // Bullying


I know that if I homeschool my kids, this monster will not be non-existent. But, speaking from my own personal experience, I was far better equipped to deal with bullying, but also, I didn’t have to deal with a lot of it.

Bullying these days is a rampant evil that runs amuck through our school systems and in our children’s lives. It is something that we should not be turning a blind eye to. Read More »

A Day In The Life Vlog: Summer 2018

What’s up!!!! I’m finally back to doing the occasional video! I definitely want to do more, but not that I have a new laptop that can actually allow me to edit the videos without taking 5 hours. . . I hope to do just that! If you knew how many times I’ve started to film a day in the life video and then forgot to keep filming. . . Let’s just say there are a lot of useless video files on my computer. LOL! That being said, enjoy!

What did you think? Do you want to see more vlog/videos?
By God’s Grace,