Writing Prompt 070 // Part 2

writing prompt 070

You can find part 1 here.


I couldn’t see the arrow, but I knew that’s what it was at it whizzed past my ear and struck its mark behind me with a thwap. A groan burst from the giant that was atop of me and I felt his weight shift off my legs and the hand on my back grow heavy as he leaned forward. Another whiz and thud as another arrow hit its mark.Read More »

Writing Prompt #070


writing prompt 070

I hated being chased. It was my worst fear. As a child I would have nightmares about it. I hated that feeling. The crawling shivers that raced their way up my spine and the sudden jolt of my heart as every sense that I had was straining to determine where my attacker was.

I should have never joined Robin Hoods band of brothers if I didn’t want to be chased. Just another of those stupid mistakes to add to the list that punctuated my life like too many commas.Read More »