Why I Want To Homeschool: I Want To Be The One


Something that is important to me in my choice to homeschool my kids has nothing to do with statistics and everything to do with my heart.

I have statistical reasons for my choice ad infinitum, but when it comes down to the brass tacks of things, I love children and I know mine are going to be a bit more special to me than most. Call me selfish, but this is how I feel.

I want to be the one to get to tell them about Jesus and see their eyes light up when they realize how much He loves them. I want to be the one to teach them their ABC’s and see their excitement as they string their first sentences together. I want to see them grow, succeed and be their for their triumphs and their downfalls.

I want to be the one to comfort them over a scraped knee and when they go through a rough time. I want to be able to teach them about all of the amazing things that I learned. I want to be able to be there when they get to discover the things that make them excited. When they figure out the dreams that God has placed in their hearts, and I want to be the one to get to encourage that and watch them blossom in their gifts and talents.

I want to be the one to encourage them and push them to be better. I want to let them learn from my mistakes and become great leaders in this world for the King of Kings.

What are your thoughts?

By God’s Grace,


7 thoughts on “Why I Want To Homeschool: I Want To Be The One

  1. I didn’t even realize this was so much of a reason for me until one of the homeschool dads offered to teach math for me. I was like, “no, I want to explain this to my little ones!” Maybe this will change as they get older, but for now this is a huge one for me!


  2. I think this reason trumps them all, and it’s one with which no one can disagree (at least I don’t think so …) Once you have children and start a family, that’s the job God has called you to do. Pawning the job of their growth on someone else is never what God chooses.



  3. God told us to train them in the way they should go. I have always wanted to homeschool, but wasn’t able to until our last child. She has Autism and I wasn’t so sure if I could teach her as well as a special classroom teacher. God has guided me the past 3 years and it is going well.


  4. Amen! God says children are gifts and He wants us to raise them… to teach them about Jesus… ♥ Homeschooling is about the heart. You can open a textbook and not learn anything. Jesus is the greatest teacher!


  5. I have no desire to homeschool my kids, but I understand wanting to be the one to be there for them! I feel very strongly about being a stay at home mom, but I think a Christian school setting is the route to go for me…otherwise my kids would just be learned from the AIO Club!!! 😂😜

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  6. A different perspective from a mama who loves her kids to the moon and back and back again and even more than that 🙂 but still sends them to school 😉
    I am blessed to be able to experience all of these things and be exactly what they need even when they are at school 🙂 and I am thankful God has put those moments in front of me where I have experienced that “light bulb” moment when they learn something new, the excitement when they finally get it and being there for so many firsts! Even when they are in school I have been part of these things and I am so thankful for that!
    Even moments where I have shed tears in excitement with my sweet girl who read through a book with me because she finally got it!! 🙌🏼
    I was homeschooled so I totally understand your perspective as well because that is what you know, but there is still beauty and incredibly blessed moments like this even with Littles in school ♥️


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