Room Tour // Vlog

I’ve seen others do room tours and I always loved the idea. It’s almost as if we are inviting you into our space to see where we live, like a good friend. Enjoy this tour and pull up a chair in my room. I’ll get the tea directly! One lump or two?

Do you want to see more videos like this one? I’m up for requests, so be sure to comment below with ideas!

By God’s Grace,


10 thoughts on “Room Tour // Vlog

  1. Sooooooo whats the modest quote? I was waiting for you to read it I couldn’t tell, you moved over it to fast! LOL You need to get some candy tho for your stash!!! hee, hee!!! 2 things, I don’t like carmel m&m’s or grace Livingston hill books…I just can’t get into her stories!!! Buuuuuut I thought I saw some Mitford books on your shelves, I LOOOOOVE those!!!


  2. Victoriaaaa, YOUR ROOM IS SO CUTE. *heart-eyes* Lord willing, I’m going to reorganize my room this autumn, and your tour is giving me ALL THE IDEAS. 😀

    That’s so awesome that you share a room with your sisters! And I’ve never heard of a three-bunk, before; that’s so cool! 🙂

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  3. Your room is adorable, Victoria! As an only child, it was interesting to see how three sisters share one room, too as that’s not something I’ve ever had to do. 😉


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