6 Tips To Being A Better Manager (or employee)


Based on my own experience.

Most of these things can be taken with a grain of salt and if you aren’t a manager, you could probably still apply some of them to your own life as an employee.

~1 Affirmation.

Nothing sucks the life out of anyone more than always being told how to be better but never told what a good job you actually are doing in some areas. I try to do this even though I am not in a manager position. Nobody likes a Debbie downer, and I love giving affirmation and encouragement to fellow employees.

2~ Clear communication.

If you feel like you are over communicating, you’re not. To be honest, there really is no such thing. Over communication is far better than not enough. Things start to fall apart REALLY quickly if things aren’t communicated well, promptly etc. If you have expectations, but are not clearly communicating them, we as employee’s cannot achieve them.

3~ Make expectations clear at the onset.

There is nothing worse as an employee than to be constantly guessing. I had this issue. Expectations were not clearly expressed and in addition to that, they were evolving and not being relayed. As a result, things became a bit of a nightmare at times.

4~ Be relatable.

Be someone your employees will be comfortable around. If you have a stern demeanor or are always censuring your employees, they will always be on edge and scared to approach you or even just nervous about doing their job when you are around.

5~ Be willing to get your hands dirty.

Nothing builds trust and respect more than  a manager who is willing to pitch in when needed and will take one for the team. It also builds trust in the sense that they know that you know what it’s like in their position and you can direct and teach from experience.

6~ Responsibility.

Be willing to say “I’m sorry that was on me.” It will encourage your employees that you have their back and are humble enough to take one for the team, even if it might not have all be on you. But that’s part of being a manager. It’s your responsibility. Own it.

There you have it! My 6 tips to being a better manager.


Do you have any tips or experiences?

By God’s Grace,


3 thoughts on “6 Tips To Being A Better Manager (or employee)

  1. Even though I don’t have a job, I read a book once (I forget its name but can remember what the cover looked like?? So weird) and something you should do is thanking people for doing a good job, or like telling them something that they did was good. People like feeling appreciated, and randomly being appreciated for something they did is really awesome.


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