Five Fall Favorites // Day 5 // Military

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Gather round the bonfire folks and pull up a chair with some s’mores and let’s get this party started!


I have a tremendous respect and gratitude for those who serve in our military and I am pleased to share with you five of my favorite military related books. So let’s get into it!


The Best Man by Grace Livingston Hill

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Grace Livingston Hill is one of my favorite authors, and she has a few stories that feature the military, but his is one of the best. The story of a spy, and a woman who helps him reach his objective, all surrounding a wedding will have you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages of this Christ centered book.

Elsie’s Womanhood and Elsie’s Motherhood by Martha Finley

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These are two of my favorite Elsie books because they surround the happenings of the Civil war and show what it was like for both sides as the extended family end up fighting on opposing sides. Elsie’s Motherhood surrounds more of the aftermath of the war, but this series actually won awards in it’s day for the historical accuracy with which it approached the war that tore our nation apart.

Rilla of Ingleside

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Meet the daughter of one of the worlds favorite fiction heroines. Rilla finds herself fighting World War one from the home front as she prays that the love of her life who is serving his country makes it through the war. A coming of age story grips your heart as it takes you through the trials that Rilla had to endure to grow to be the amazing woman that she was. I wish Rilla had an entire series all her own, but this one book packs enough of a punch all on it’s own. An unsung literary masterpiece that I adored.

The Silver Branch by Rosemary Sutcliff

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This book was one of my favorites by Rosemary Sutcliff who is a master (the only one that I know of) of the Roman age. A plot to overthrow the emperor has relatives Justin and Flavius banding together with a group of soldiers to defend the honor of Rome. This tale really is quite fascinating. And I may or may not have had a crush on Flavius.

Trinity: Military War Dog by Ronie Kendig

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This book by Ronie Kendig was my favorite of the trilogy and I didn’t really enjoy the others, but this was a gem. I loved getting to know the main characters and the story had me burning the midnight oil trying to finish it as soon as possible! I was so intrigued by how the army used the war dogs and Ronie Kendig writes from a place of experience and knowledge that makes the story incredibly interesting.


What about you? What are some of your favorite military based books? What main characters that serve in the military have been your favorites?

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23 thoughts on “Five Fall Favorites // Day 5 // Military

  1. The Dog Tags Series by C. Alexander London, except for book 4. The others were amazing! He also has a series about the Marine Mammal program the Navy had up until now, which may or may not have to do with Navy SEALs!

    And The Shadow Creek Chronicles by T. Elizabeth Reinch were my favorite civil war books ever! I did have to take a pen to a few plot points, and it’s not a young reader’s series, but it is so good! Jeremy Barnes was my favorite soldier 🙂

    I’ve ready those Elsie books a long time ago and they were very good. I might have cried over Walter’s storyline. He’s the reason I included the Battle of Shiloh in my book, Our Heritage to Save. My soldiers weren’t stationed in Tennessee, but I was able squeeze a cousin in there;) I’ll admit it, Walter is my favorite Dinsmore!


  2. YES! RILLA OF INGLESIDE! AAAAHHHHHHHH THAT IS LIKE THE BEST ANNE BOOK EVER! Also those were two great Elsie books, as well – do you know, my favorite Elsie was the book in which the ventriloquist cousin came? I LOVED that part, it was hilarious!

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  3. I can’t believe it — I’ve actually read ALL of these — and enjoyed them all! Well, except for Rilla of Ingleside — as the last Anne book, it seemed kinda melancholy. Probably because I was sad to be at an end with the series! And I adore The Best Man!! It is wonderful!


  4. The Best Man features the military in it??? Well, that book just shot to the top of my G.L. Hill TBR list. 😀 (I’m pretty sure we have it … I know we have a lot)

    Ooh, Rilla of Ingleside is set during World War I? There aren’t enough books that are set during that time, and actually mention the war. (Probably because it was a ridiculous war, but still. It was called ‘The War to End All Wars”, after all) But maybe I should finish the Anne series first. 😛



  5. The top favorite military books that I immediately thought of were Eagle of the Ninth and The Silver Branch. So I was excited to see that one on your list as well! 😀 That whole series is amazing, and I love the theme of military protagonists.

    Another book and main character that I love (one of the only books I love more than that series) is Enemy Brothers and it’s character Dym, who is an officer in the RAF during World War II.


  6. I’ve actually read some of these! Okay, well, I’ve read the Elsie books and “Rilla.” I haven’t actually read “The Best Man” though I think I flipped though it a long time ago. But “Trinity” sounds good. I’ll have to check it out.
    Thanks for sharing these! *accepts s’mores* *settles around the fire to tell military stories*


  7. Ahh those all sound so good! Especially Trinity’s story!! I love animal stories AND military stories so both is — yes please! ^_^


  8. These all sounds great. My mother couldn’t get her nose out of Grace Livingston’s Hill books as a teen. I will search for that one and maybe surprise her for Christmas. Bring back some fond memories. Thanks.


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