How I Taught Myself To Write // Part 1

Some sun andvitamin sea

As an author, a writer and a joyful learner, this process wasn’t as hard as most people think it is, and to be honest, sometimes the overly heady people who are telling you that you aren’t qualified until you have your degree are wrong. But I’m not here to tell you what “qualified” or “ready” is, because honestly those two arguments really get me going. But I’ll go up on my soap-box about that another day.

I’m here to outline to you my writing journey and process and to point you in the direction of some really awesome FREE resources. And no, I’m not getting paid a lick to tell you about them, so you can know for sure that I would highly recommend these resources. I’m sharing them because they helped me, and I hope they help you.

When it comes to my journey, homeschooling really instilled a huge love and drive to learn in my personality. If there is something I want to know, I’ll learn about it. I get that from my mom because she is known as the queen of googling. All of that said, for several years, I spent a lot of time reading blog posts, writing helps and other resources, finding what worked for me, but still being shaped and groomed by the multitude of free resources that are available online. Pinterest was a huge thing for me. Just go and search writing articles, you can find scads of them till you are blue in the face.

~K.M. Weiland~

While the author of many books, fiction and writing help, she also has a wealth of information on her website. I have read many of her articles, and while, after a while, they can tend a little too far towards the equation 2+2=4 side of things, a lot of it was very helpful in making me thing about the foundation of my story. Does it all work together, is it cohesive, how to plot etc. I would highly recommend this website to spur you on to being a better writer.

~Kingdom Pen~

This website is all about equipping young adults to write for Christ. They are currently not posting anything new, but they have their archives available for your perusal. From topics such as




This site is great for a beginner, or a more advanced writer and it really gave me some much needed direction into the world of crafting a novel.


~Ink and Quills~

This website is another amazing resource. With topics such as how to write from a guys POV, to worn out cliches in YA, this website has many amazing articles that I would buy a book of just to read. But the good news is that it is free on her website! I would highly recommend Kaitlin Hillerich and her expertise.


~Now Novel~

Another great website with tips and tricks of the trade in blog post format that will keep you engaged and abounding with ideas!


If you want more ideas and inspiration, here is the link to my writing pinterest board, full of helpful goodies that aren’t at all organized, but is somehow still a melting pot for all writing tips, tricks and helpful posts.


What did you think of this post? Are you excited for part 2?

By God’s Grace,




11 thoughts on “How I Taught Myself To Write // Part 1

  1. These are great resources, Victoria, and I agree with you that sites like these can be just as educational as going to school to get an official education in writing. If you write, you’re a writer, there are no other qualifications. Looking forward to part 2!


  2. This is such a helpful post, Victoria! K.M. Weiland’s site was the biggest resource I used to teach myself to write, in the same way you did. It’s very formulaic, but definitely helpful to give a foundation and grounding in story structure.

    But I have not checked out any of the others, and you showed me that I must!


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