Vintage Makeover // 40-50’s Edition


vintage makeover

After asking my Instagram followers which they would prefer, a Vintage Makeover or a Day In The Life video, the votes were too close to call, but this one was speaking to me so much, I couldn’t resist. I took the day and gave myself a vintage makeover! I did my hair special and the makeup to achieve this look! It was loads of fun and I hope you enjoy the video as well as the pictures I took in sub-freezing temps. . . you’re welcome.
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Where’s Your Head At?

where's your head at

This is something that the Lord has really been impressing on my heart lately in so many ways.

You see, last year, I went through several hard periods of busyness, difficult times with my job, stressful periods where I had put too much on myself. I hesitate to use the word Depression because I know there are some people who struggle with this greatly, but honestly, it felt like there was a black cloud hanging over my head. I would come home at night and cry. All the time.Read More »

Retrieve // Review

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Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Sarah Addison-Fox
Publication Year: 2018
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My Rating: 4 stars

Can I just start off by saying that Sarah’s writing has been a breath of fresh wind for me? Coming off of reading the middle two Allegiance books, I was not mad at all at the idea of reading this book. Also, did someone say Mulan? Cause that movie is one of my faves! Read More »

Writing Lies Part 6


Writing lies are back! Who is ready to delve back into this series? I love these posts because they definitely spark some conversation and I love hearing your thoughts on this subject. Let the controversy begin!

“That’s so Cliche”

Honestly, I’m just going to apologize in advance because a) this is a pet peeve of mine and b) it also tends to become a soapbox. So that out of the way . . . here we go. Read More »