The Curse of Misty Wayfair: Review


Genre: Gothic/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Year: 2019
Purchase and Synopsis:
My Rating: 5 stars

This book. . . Wow.

I just want to insert here that if you are so inclined to listen to music while you read, I would highly recommend pairing this book with a moody cup of black tea or bitter coffee and the album, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat’. #mood.Read More »

Writing Prompt 072

Writing Prompt #62 It was never supposed to come back. Ever. But here it is, on your back porch, with a red string tied around it in a know. What is is? novazerowriting.tumblr,com (Writing Prompt #845)

“It was never supposed to come back. Ever. But here it is, on your back porch, with a red string tied around it in a knot.”

Claire filled her arms with all of her stuff, ready to walk out the door for work. Tote bag swinging from her arm, travel coffee mug with half a toasted bagel precariously balanced on top, keys hanging from one finger, coat over her arm, sack of sundry items she was planning on returning on her way home later . . . Using her foot and her elbow in unison, she half ducked and pushed open her front door, using her body weight to shift it back into the closed position. Read More »

My 5 Fave TV shows // Current

my 5favetv shows

I am going to start off this post with a disclaimer. Not all of these TV shows are suitable for all audiences. I would caution you to search out content before you watch and if you are minor, be sure to get your parents permission. Also, some of these I watch edited versions of (aka cut tracks or fast-forwarded), or have skipped entire episodes due to content.

I have had some extra time of late, through the month of December with being sick so much, and then I’ve been working on a pretty extensive knitting project which means I multi-task by watching tv at the same time. 😀 That being said, let’s get into it!
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Wardrobe Essentials Roundup


These are the hidden gems of the fashion world. The items that nobody sees or comments on, the everyday necessities that make fashion greatness possible. Through much trial and error, here are the best that I have found. Here are my day to day wardrobe essentials included with links for where to purchase them and why I find them necessities in my wardrobe! Read More »