Shein Winter Try On Haul


The haul is here lovelies! I hope you enjoy this Fashion Friday’s Try on haul and review of the Shein items that I got over Black Friday this year! I think I still want to do an Amazon try on haul as well, but funds are a little short currently. So hopefully soon in the future! Also, be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube as I am hoping/planning to make that a bigger venue during 2019. 😀

Floral top: Floral top:

Green Sweater:

Striped Dolman Top:

My Fave! The red sweater:

The Grey sweater with buttons and pockets:

Can’t find the red dress

Grey Sweater with Pockets:

I got better prices than they are currently listed for due to a Black Friday Sale.

Did you enjoy the haul?

By God’s Grace,



7 thoughts on “Shein Winter Try On Haul

  1. Great haul! I love the chunky cardigan and the floral top especially. 🙂 I have tried ordering a couple items from Shein in the past, but they never ended up shipping my stuff, so I canceled the order. I figured it wasn’t a reputable site because the prices were so low anyway. It’s good that it worked out for you! Maybe I should give them another chance.



      • I’m about your height, so it would be around the same length on me. I’ve always wanted something like that, so I just want to be able to find something to wear with it 😛 Thanks for answering my question!


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