Vintage Makeover // 40-50’s Edition


vintage makeover

After asking my Instagram followers which they would prefer, a Vintage Makeover or a Day In The Life video, the votes were too close to call, but this one was speaking to me so much, I couldn’t resist. I took the day and gave myself a vintage makeover! I did my hair special and the makeup to achieve this look! It was loads of fun and I hope you enjoy the video as well as the pictures I took in sub-freezing temps. . . you’re welcome.

dsc01394 copy





vintage edit

I threw in a few images with some vintage filters just for the fun of it. I hope you enjoyed this little taste of another era. I adored it and can’t wait to do it again with a completely different era!


Top: H&M Sweater, thrifted $3
Skirt: Vintage, thrifted $5
Shoes: From Amazon $28, similar here.
Tights: Walmart $3
Feather Clip: Discount website online(forgot exactly where) $2
Belt: thrifted $1
Clutch: Borrowed from sister


Bare Minerals Foundation shade Fairly Light
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade Emily Edit Palette from Makeup Revolution
Loreal Liquid Liner
Aveda Lip Color in Cana (discontinued)
Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara in Black

Did you like this post? What era should I do next? I still really want to create an entire outfit and look from London in the Dark, so the 1910’s. . . You vote below on what era I should create next!

By God’s Grace



13 thoughts on “Vintage Makeover // 40-50’s Edition

  1. What a great makeover. You look so pretty. You are photogenic. I would love to see a Victorian makeover. Congratulations on a job well done.


  2. Love love love this post!! I think my favorite time period is 40-50s. Life was so simple back then. And the ladies dressed so pretty and feminine!!

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! I want to try it some time! ❤


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