5 Random Things About Me // I mean random

5 random things about me

I thought it was about time I post another get to know me type of post. I wracked my brain trying to think of the randomest (and somewhat embarrassing things) I could think of, so here we go! Ready for me to spill the beans?

1~ I don’t read sarcasm well and have been called a bit on the naive/brainless side of things. This one is harder than it sounds because my entire family is the most sarcastically humorous crowd I know. But it also makes living in the real work and working in it a bit treacherous. If you say something in sarcasm, please add a just kidding before or after so that I know not to take you seriously. People who only talk in sarcasm? Yeah, not gonna happen. Sometimes I get a joke and I therefore become stupidly proud of myself, but a lot of it goes over my head or takes me far too long to be cool for me to actual ‘get’ it. This also makes me internally proud when I do come up with a smart and witty comeback. Cause it takes work to be witty, people. At least for me.

2~ I can get crazy. You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I can really get down. You have to know me really well and I have to be super comfortable, and then, it usually only happens late at night when I am tired or in a SUPER good mood. I have a super fun wild side that’s a little sassy that only comes out if I know you really well. I can do silly dances, and when my jam is on, my siblings see the crazy. I also, for some reason, even though I’m not that witty, I get super witty and whippersnapper smart at night. It’s kind of weird, not gonna lie. And it isn’t all the time either. I have yet to pinpoint what the ideal climate and ingredients to create sassy, witty, hilarious Victoria is. I’ll let you know once I figure out the formula.

3~ I talk to myself almost incessantly. And I do not know why. It’s super ridiculous and I even annoy myself. But about EVERYTHING. What I’m doing while I type, having random conversations with people, arguments with myself, doing interviews for no reason. . . Like, I seriously have no idea why I do it and I often don’t even know that I’m doing it. Enough said because this is legit getting creepy to me.

4~ I like movies that make me cry. The underlying reason behind this is that if a movie makes me emotionally invested, that means it touched my heart strings and I have a deep connection to it. Just don’t watch it with me when hormones are high or I will descend into a pit full of my own tears and wallow for a few hours. Only a few have seen me go there and it is a sight to behold. And not a cute one, that’s for sure. But the same goes for books. I tend to judge media on how it makes me feel, not how perfect the story was, or how deep the theme. Did it touch me emotionally?

5~ I am extremely knowledgeable about horses. Have I ever owned one? No. Have I ridden one more than 4 times? No. I was obsessed when I was a tween and teen and actually had a class/curriculum all about horses. I still have those “everything you need to know about horses” books galore. I know what shades of brown Dun, Roan, Chestnut, and Palomino are. I know how to saddle and bridle a horse. And I know more breeds than I care to admit. Did you also know that Painted Horses are also their own breed and have their own association now, even though that only used to be a way to denote their coloring?

Well, there you have it! 5 completely random (and somewhat embarrassing) things about me! I hope you enjoyed! Your turn now! What is one super random thing about you?

By God’s Grace,




18 thoughts on “5 Random Things About Me // I mean random

  1. I can identify with all except #1, lol!

    Hmm…I can legit talk about politics / history for hours on end, probably understand 1800s politics better than modern (things were more clear cut then) and will understand ashamedly fangirl over the founding fathers/patriots like nobody’s watching, lol! I know…I’m a nerd ;p


  2. It’s probably a little weird how excited I automatically get when horses are mentioned 😂 And those horse books / encyclopedias are AWESOME.
    Have you heard of All Breed Pedigree or Pedigree Query before? They’re websites that let you search the pedigrees of registered horses and track their ancestry, look at pictures etc. (The latter is just for Thoroughbreds, though) I can easily go down a rabbit hole doing that because I had a Thoroughbred for awhile (Authorized) and now have an APHA mare (Pocos Grand Lady) and it’s cool to see what kind of lineage they came from. Or maybe that’s just me 😂


  3. Well, I love watching old western TV shows. Like, from the 50s and 60s. As for movies, they can be the 30s, 40s, or 50s. I’m also very knowledgable about horses and how to train them but haven’t done so much of it myself. I tend to talk to myself about what I’m doing, too. It helps me to get my thoughts in order, like when I’m packing for a long trip.


  4. I relate to #2 and #3 so. much. And “it takes work to be witty, people.” Yep. Unless I’m tired. XD Which has always been one of the most annoying things about me, to me, because I’m often surrounded by witty people and I just can’t hold my own. I can be sarcastic, but generally the people I hang out with make puns and I’m sooooo bad at puns. XD And I usually can’t clap back with a witty response to something, period, because I just process things slowly. 😛
    But hey, at least I can still appreciate others’ puns, and those rare moments of tired wit. XD


  5. This is such a fun post idea! I can totally relate to #2!!! I’m super quiet, but if you get to know me and (aka a sibling!) then you will see a completely different side! *winks*

    And horses are awesome! ❤


  6. Hmm….. something super random about me…. When I was first learning my multiplication stuff, I (without realizing it) assigned different personalities and relationships between all the numbers (for example (and to put it simply): 2 and 4 are hardcore enemies, 2 is the good guy, he helps a bunch of the others, but 4 is a villain who takes advantage of all the others, 3 is naive and is often taken advantage of by 4 like a lot – and 3 has to help em — and I’ll stop now ’cause you don’t want to sit through the whole life story of all of them) *facepalm* – eck, the subconscious of a writer….. lol. ….. Seriously though, I just realized I did that just a few months ago and I was like, WHAT? How did I not notice that all these years?
    Its kinda freaky.

    Anyway, fun post!


    • Ahhh! I did that too! But mine branched into the abc’s, piano notes, colors, etc.! So good to know I’m not the only one! Btw, did you think of certain numbers as male or female? Mind of a five year old…

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      • Oh wow! YES – like, for me, 7 and 5 are girls, 2, 4, and 3 are boys, etc. XD and the funny thing is, those identities are just there – they don’t take a second thought or anything, they’re automatically a part of the numbers, like there was never I time I sat down and thought out all the identities for each one – they just always existed in my mind.


  7. I can so relate to # 1 and 2. My whole family is witty, and my soon-to-be-brother-in-law is even more witty…..which means I’m left going “huh?” more times than once. And sarcasm….I *so* don’t do sarcasm =) There are times I have been told I was too sensitive, and people were just kidding, when it doesn’t at all seem that way.

    And late night craziness…..I’m the quiet one in our family, and everyone is generally louder (I’m the oldest of 11 siblings). But at night….I can get crazy for me — which simply means I’m acting “normal” to all my other siblings, although I’ve surprised several friends who were over late at night by going wild 😀 And drinking coffee late at night, for some reason, makes me REALLY crazy =P It doesn’t affect me at all during the day, but at night….;D


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