My 5 Fave TV shows // Current

my 5favetv shows

I am going to start off this post with a disclaimer. Not all of these TV shows are suitable for all audiences. I would caution you to search out content before you watch and if you are minor, be sure to get your parents permission. Also, some of these I watch edited versions of (aka cut tracks or fast-forwarded), or have skipped entire episodes due to content.

I have had some extra time of late, through the month of December with being sick so much, and then I’ve been working on a pretty extensive knitting project which means I multi-task by watching tv at the same time. 😀 That being said, let’s get into it!

MacGyver ~ 2016-2019

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This show is my all time fave at the moment! It without a doubt takes number one! If you love clean spy thrillers with all kinds of coolness, great characterization, heartwarming relationships between bros and co-workers/friends and hilarious humor, you will love this show. I got the second season for Christmas after binge-watching the first and now can’t wait for each new episode of season three to come out each week! Yes, I rented the CBS app so I can keep tabs on them. 😀 *fan-girl tries super hard not to cry over the fact that George Eads left the cast*

Blue Bloods ~

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This cop show. . . I can’t even. Some of the content is definitely more on the gristly side, but the family relationships and ties, loyalty and realistic view of not just the streets and cops, but also the politics that run the show have me fascinated every time I watch. Again, heads up on content and I skip episodes, but I love the Regan family and the fact that it is the longest running cop show in history is nothing to sneeze at.

Robin Hood ~ BBC

robin hood

The fact that this show is free for Amazon Prime members has me uber excited when I embarked on the journey of this epic adventure. Spectacular historical adaption of the beloved and age-old tale has me excited for every new episode. Humor, heartwarming and heart-rending, this adventure epic is a heart pumping story of good vs evil.

Alexa and Katie ~ Netflix

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This G rated tv show is great fun for the whole family. The first season is super carefree, but heartwarming as well as a lovely tribute to true friendship and family. The two families and the antics they all get into together had me in stitches and properly distracted while I was miserably ill during the month of December. The last episode had me in tears and trying not to cry as I was miserably wrapped up in a blanket trying to combat chills and aches. So maybe don’t watch that while you are sick. It hurt to cry. 😀 But it is super sweet. It does have some starts of teenage dating towards the end of season one, and I haven’t watched a whole lot of 2 yet, but the majority of season one was void of even that teen story, somewhat annoying, dare-I-say cliche? But just a general romp of good fun. Seriously, I laughed so hard.

Chicago Med ~

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Definitely not for the faint of heart, or those who faint at the sight of blood, this pretty realistic Medical drama was uber interesting. As a self taught aficionado of medicine who has a deep interest in nursing, midwifery and other medical professions (and has yet to take the dive into that world, seriously, school is expensive, savvy?) The first season was great because I got to watch it with a buddy of mine who has been going to school, works and has a dad in the medical profession. (cue the pausing, and med talk between scenes) Heavy on the med and light on the drama, I really enjoyed it. Tho it still has its fair share of annoyingly dramatic moments with mentions of dating and coupling off abounding, it was easy to ignore amidst the sweeping drama of this Chicago ER. Haven’t watched a whole lot of season two yet, but there was more content, so meh.

There you have it! My current top five roundup!

What do you enjoy watching?

By God’s Grace,



8 thoughts on “My 5 Fave TV shows // Current

  1. I don’t watch a lot of tv though I have head of Robin Hood BBC and MacGyver looks good. There’s is an old version of MacGyver and I love that tv show!


  2. Loved seeing what kind of movies you have been into lately!! I have only watched the old MacGyver, those are really good! I haven’t seen the new one, how is it different?
    We watched the Blue Bloods for a while, but then stopped, wasn’t going to work for the whole fam…
    I haven’t seen any of the other ones you mentioned. 🙂
    The movie series we have been watching lately (ok, obsessing over lately) is Snowy River: The McGregor Saga. It is like a series version of Man from Snowy River. We are on season 3 and there is 4. So far, I have really like them (minus a few episodes that were just ok for me)! It takes place in Australia! ❤


  3. My two personal favorites? When Calls the Heart and Family Affair. And Family Affair is available for free on Amazon Prime ;)! Can’t wait for WCTH to come back on next month!


  4. Hmm.. I tried to watch the first episode of the new Macgyver and didn’t like. Maybe I should give it another chance?

    For shows I like, I really enjoy the new Magnum P.I. All the main characters are genuinely caring, good hearted people, and there’s little content issues aside from some language and some violence. Rarely anything sexual either.

    The new Lost In Space series on Netflix suprised my parents and I with how much we like it. I love how the Robinson family has in the course of the first season gone from broken to healing, there’s lots of science fiction action/drama, a little mysteriousness, NO sexual content so far, only mild language and occasional sci-fi violence. Honestly the only thing I genuinely don’t like about it is Dr. Smith who I wish they would kill off or lose or something because good grief that woman has issues. :p

    I ADORE the new animated Carmen Sandiego series on Netflix. It’s so fun, nostalgic, and other than action violence where no one actually gets seriously hurt, there are no issues to be had and I love how they’ve made a mystery of Carmen’s background as well as made her a thief who only steals from other thieves.

    It’s a series of TV movies at this point but Hallmark’s Signed, Sealed and Delivered is all the <3333333. No content issues whatsoever and sometimes there are even Christian themes. IT MAKES ME CRY LITERALLY EVERY TIME. I only wish I had discovered it a long time ago and I need to find a way to watch the original series that spawned the movies.

    I also enjoy competition shows like Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and Project Runway. Can't recommend those to everyone due to content issues, but there are things about each that I enjoy in spite of the issues.


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