Review of A Breath of Hope \\ Guest Review

Hey y’all, today we have a guest review by my sister, Sarah Grace! So without further ado, here we go.



A Breath of Hope by Lauraine Snelling

Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Year: 2018
Purchase and Synopsis:
Series: Under Northern Skies (Book 2)


It actually hurts a bit for me to rate a Lauraine Snelling book only 3 stars. Snelling is one of my all-time favorite authors, one of the few authors that I will preorder her books before they come out and watch the mailbox impatiently until they arrive. Unfortunately, this one was a little disappointing.Read More »

HACKED POST \\ Victoria’s Birthday

Hacked post %5C%5C Victoria's Birthday.png

Hey y’all!

This is Sarah Grace. I’m Victoria’s younger, but taller (shh, don’t tell her that; she’ll deny it.) sister, and I hacked her blog for a very special occasion.


Some of you might have known, but most of you probably didn’t know that today is Victoria’s birthday. And since she wouldn’t think of bragging on herself, I shall for her. 😀

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