SHOP MY CLOSET // Fall 2017 Edition.

Shop My Closet!

Hello Lovelies! I have been considering this for a while and after quite a bit of work, it is finally here! I have a new job that requires me to wear all black. I know, kinda boring. But I am finding that there were a lot of things in my closet I just wasn’t wearing or that me and my sisters had grown out of. I thought selling them for some really inexpensive prices might be a blessing to the both of us. You get some great condition, modest clothing for garage sale prices, and I get a few dollars to put towards some new boots and black clothes for work.

Having a fashion blog, I often get asked where I get my clothes or where others can get the same. Now’s your chance!

How it works:

I have Photo Albums by Clothing Category set up on Facebook with details about each item and pictures of front, back and tags if applicable. Also prices are right there.Read More »

Giveaway Winners!

Giveaway Winners 2017

I am so sorry for my reticence in getting these out. BUT HERE THEY ARE! Congrats to the winners! Please be sure to contact me as soon as possible to claim your prize. And watch the video. You have 1 week to contact me and claim your prize. If I don’t hear from you before the 14th of September, I will have to give your prize to someone else. Ignore the date in the video. The calendar apparently wasn’t changed to September yet. Open-mouthed smile Enjoy!

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Giveaway Winners Coming Soon!!!

Hi everyone! 

My life has been so utterly crazy lately that I apologize for not having the giveaway winners up sooner. Some of the things that have been happening:

~ I am an auntie again! Niece number two was born yesterday and we have been babysitting her siblings while their mama and daddy have been in the hospital. 

~ I worked extra hours last week filling in at my job. 

~ Seamstress work has been more than I can stay on top of lately. 

~ We had an antique market this weekend and I am typing this from my phone while there. 

So, needless to say, I have been swamped. I am doing my best to get those winners and film that giveaway soon! I am as excited as you are to see who won! 

See you soon!

By Gods grace, 


Blog Party // Bookerly Fun + Giveaway

Blog Party Header

Since being in the land of blogging, I have, with God’s grace, written a lot over the course of my time here. I am almost to 50 Writing Prompts at the time of this post. And I have one published novel with another on the way. LOL! I am so excited! God has taught me a lot through my writing journey and I have met so many amazing new friends in the realm of Christian Indie Writing. I hope you enjoy today’s post full of those friends, and also the epic giveaway!

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Blog Party! // Day Two: Fashion + Giveaway

Blog Party Header

I started this blog with the desire to encourage other girls in their walk with the Lord and to show others in my situation and encourage them on how they can dress modestly, still be “in fashion” and have fun with it!  Since this blog was birthed out of that vision, I thought it only fitting that this day be dedicated to that and the giveaway as well! Let’s get this party started!Read More »


Blog Party Header

That’s right! The blog party that has been in the works is finally here! I am so excited! I can’t wait for all of you to join in on the fun! You are going to get to meet some of the bloggers I have come to know in this journey and hopefully get to know me a bit better! I can’t even believe it. . . the reason I decided to throw this party was for multiple reasons. My blog has grown a lot over the last several years, that and I had some awesome things I wanted to giveaway to all of you who have joined me on my humble journey and shared your encouragement over the years. And. . . I reached 200 followers. Numbers have never been a big deal to me. Maybe an “oh, that’s cool”, but I would much rather focus on individuals and how special each person is than be that blogger with the bazillion followers. You all mean a lot to me as is evidenced by the fact that I do this blog for you all. I do this because I felt like God wanted me to share my heart and encourage others like me to follow Him. I hope and pray with all my heart that I have achieved that with this blog. So without further more ado, let’s get into today’s blog party happenings!Read More »