Why I Want To Homeschool: Freedom


Growing up, this was a huge, important part of our School routine. There was so much freedom and flexibility, that I honestly am so excited to homeschool my kids and set our own schedule.

If someone needed a doctor appt, but the only openings were doing school hours, we just shifted our school time to afterwards. Lots of activities are way less crowded if you go during school hours. If you have a special field trip or event, planning it during normal school hours and making up for it later was a fabulous way to get in activities and beat the crowds.Read More »

Shift Your Thinking For Success // Review

Genre: Self-Help
Publisher: Revell
Publication Year: 2018
Purchase and Synopsis:

My rating: 4 stars

This book is amazing! Mr. Del Sesto takes his vast experience in the work force and has crafted this amazing book full of tips ranging from self-care and how that can affect your work, to building your brand and becoming an influencer.Read More »

Writing Prompt 070 // Part 2

writing prompt 070

You can find part 1 here.


I couldn’t see the arrow, but I knew that’s what it was at it whizzed past my ear and struck its mark behind me with a thwap. A groan burst from the giant that was atop of me and I felt his weight shift off my legs and the hand on my back grow heavy as he leaned forward. Another whiz and thud as another arrow hit its mark.Read More »