Vintage Makeover // 40-50’s Edition


vintage makeover

After asking my Instagram followers which they would prefer, a Vintage Makeover or a Day In The Life video, the votes were too close to call, but this one was speaking to me so much, I couldn’t resist. I took the day and gave myself a vintage makeover! I did my hair special and the makeup to achieve this look! It was loads of fun and I hope you enjoy the video as well as the pictures I took in sub-freezing temps. . . you’re welcome.
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Minimal Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial

BeFunky Collage

Welcome to a tutorial on my favorite way to do my makeup for he holidays! I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I like my own skin, so I don’t need to put a ton of foundation or anything on top. My main focus is my eyes and I do a soft, red lipgloss for some extra glamour. I also want to keep it subtle with my eyes, so I don’t go crazy on the shadow. Just enough to feel glittery for the holidays! Lets get into it!Read More »

Celebration! 3 Years No Poo!

I am so happy! It has been 3 full years since I started the No Poo hair method. 3 years since I have used any product aka tradition conditioner, shampoo, hairspray, powders or anything like that on my hair at all.  And I have done this successfully. I have done a lot of research and I wanted to be experienced and knowledgeable before I shared it here. I contemplated it last year, but decided to wait. Or maybe I was being a little lazy. Anywho! I have started a series of videos all about the Baking Soda and Vinegar Method and how it works.

I just love this method and what it has done for my hair. I have grown it out  a significant amount while doing this and it is super healthy. The texture of my hair has also improved and it is easier to style.



Stay tuned for the next video where I talk all about how I actually wash my hair and care for it.

Be sure to let me know what you thought and if you have any questions! I want to be at your service! comment, or send me an email at rufflesandgrace(at)

By God’s Grace,


3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles Tutorial

hair tutorial




I Love this hairstyle. It is really easy and has a very natural, look and it appears that you spent hours on it, when really it just took a few min. I like to start with Curled hair. Even a little. I would really recommend it because it really helps with hold and overall finishedness. Smile 

1 Take one side of your hair from in front of your ear and twist it back and around your head. Pin in place.

2 Do the same to the other side and place this roll under the other. Pin in Place



3 Adjust as needed.


4 Split the remaining hair in half

5 Take one of the sections and twist it sideways. Place and pin this under the previous rolls.


6 Then, take the other half and do the same. Depending on how long your hair is, you may still have a short tail at the end.


7 If you have a small amount of hair left over, Twist that around your fingers continuing the roll, and pin in place. There really is no better way of describing this than rolling and tucking.



8 Pin anything that feels loose. Ta Da! It will look different every time, but that is the cool part about this hairstyle. It is a very loose and Romantic looking updo.




This Hairstyle is super easy and really interesting! I love the four strand braid, it makes it look so much cooler! I also started with curly hair on this one too. Curls half up always looks awesome. Plus, I love to curl my hair for the holidays.


1 Separate a section of hair from in front of your ear on one side.

2 Separate that into 4 strands. Here is a quick tutorial on how to fourstrand braid


It really is easy once you get the  hang of it.



3 Tie this off with a clear elastic, or just put a bobby pin at the bottom of the braid to hold it until you are ready to place it.

4 Do the same on the other side. Separate the hair in front of your ear, braid in a four strand braid, then tie off.



5 Wrap the first braid around the back of your head, and pin it down about a few inches from the back of the opposite ear.

6 Now wrap the other braid around and just under the other one. You want to make sure you don’t hide the previous braid so put them side by side. Pin in place.



Ta Da! All done! I love the way this one looks. That one extra strand in the braid sure adds some detail.




Chic Up-Do

I really like this hairstyle a lot as well! It is very sophisticated and chic and dressy looking! You don’t have to have curled hair for this style. Straight works just as well.

1 Using your thumbs or fingers, draw a section of hair on each side of your head about 2 inches above your ears and bring them to the back of your head. Using your index finger, loop the right side over the left and pin in place.


 2 About an inch below the last sections, do the same thing as above. But instead of looping right over left, loop left over right. Pin in place.


3 Do this one more time and loop right over left. Pin in place.


4 Now we are going to French Braid the rest of your hair.


5 Tie off the french braid with an elastic.

6 Wrap the braid around in the shape of a bun at the back of your head and tuck the tail under the circle you just made. Hold with one hand while you pin with the other. Use as many pins as are necessary.


7 Pin anything that feels loose.


8 (optional) I like to loosen up the style around my face and pull a few hairs out over my ears to give it a more lived in look.

Ta Da! There you go!



What did you think of these styles? Would you do them?

Should I do more tutorials like this?

 By His Grace,



The Results from my NuMe OctoWand Hair Tool!



So Ya’ll wanted to see what the results of the NuMe Octowand that I got for Black Friday and ranted and raved over in this post. I love it a lot! These curls last me several days too. It took me about 20 min. to curl all of my really long hair. Not to bad actually.


This is what I started with. Fresh out of a messy bun hair.


I used the 1 inch tapered  barrel.


I sectioned my hair and here is the first curl. I tried to keep my hair flat around the barrel. It is best that way when you have such long hair. Otherwise it would get super thick as you twist down.



One side of my head has a few sections of hair that doesn’t really like to stay curled, so I pin them up with an alligator clip after I curl them so that they can cool.



All done! I look like a longer version of Shirley Temple! So I like to throw my head over and shake our all the curls to give them a looser look. I really rub my scalp to loosen them around my part.



Ta DA!!!! I love curling my hair! IT is so effortless because they last for several days and there are so many things to do with it. I have found that curling before styling actually helps with hold and natural looking ness. . .  LOL!




I would highly recommend these tools and I am really happy with the results from my NuMe wand. This one is sold out, but they are having a deal right now. $39 for any curling wand. I know sounds too good to be true! They are not paying me nor am I getting any compensation for featuring them here on my blog. I honestly just really like the tools and am so happy to have one!  If you like to have curled hair and want a tool that does the job quickly and well, I would recommend NuMe for sure! Check them out!



Do you like curling your hair? Would you use one of these wands?

By His Grace,