My Black Friday Shopping Haul!

I wanted to share with Y’all what my black Friday buys were! I made a few splurges on myself and am so happy with them!!!! Let’s get started!


I got some Lamplighter Theatre Audio Dramas!!! The deal was basically just free shipping, but I have been eyeing these for a while. Jessica’s Journey especially. That one is based on two books by Hesba Stretton that had a huge and profound impact on my young self when I read them at the young age of 9 or 10. I heard the promo for it a year ago and almost cried, it brought the imaginings of my heart to life! I have listened to it and it was amazing! We will be listening to the Candle in the Window which is a Christmas story as a family!



I got these two books from Costco a little while ago, it was actually before Black Friday, but the deal was so good and I couldn’t resist sharing them. Earlier this year, I read the ENTIRE book of Les Miserables and though it was quite a large task/goal that I set for myself, and even though it took me 3 months, I enjoyed it immensely! Now I have a pretty copy to put on my shelf! Also, Sherlock Holmes has been on my must read list and now I have them all in one volume! Also, a pretty shelf ornament!



I got these pretty Jewelry pieces from an Etsy Shop called Droplette. Her Jewelry is so pretty and very nicely priced, which my pocket book is thankful for! I don’t know why I love these pineapple earrings, but I do! And you know how I love bracelets!!!! Can’t wait to wear these beauties! Check out her shop she has great things for gifts!



Now for the largest and awesomest thing that I bought! EEK! I am so in love with this Octowand NuMe Curling Wand Set!!!!!! It is this hairstylists dreams come true!!!! I got it for $99 including shipping instead of its original price of $300! They have awesome sales going on now for the holidays! All of their tools are the cat’s meow I have heard and they have some smaller sets that are much cheaper if you want a great curling tool. I have heard that they sold out of the Octowand, but have also heard that the Titan 3 is awesome, as is the Lustrum set. Shameless plug here, I am not getting paid to say this great stuff about NuMe, I just love my tool! I have curled my hair twice, my moms twice and each of my sisters numerous times! They are happy with their curls too! I used it last night for all three of us girls who went to a Christmas tea together. I used a different attachment for each of us, and our hair looked great!!!! Seriously, I could not be happier with this awesome curling wand! I feel like it is a magic wand! LOL!




What about you? Did you get anything awesome for Black Friday?

By His Grace,


Pinteresting Hair Styles


My HairStyle board on Pinterest is quite full. It is kinda massive ya’ll. But the fact is I love doing hair and I have so much fun transforming my hair into almost anything! I am so happy I made the decision to grow it out! So I hunted through my board and picked out some styles I thought I would try! I think only two of them were tutorials, so the rest, I had to guess. I put them all side by side with my inspiration pictures. I hope you enjoy this post! The links to each pin is imbedded into the photo, so just click the photo to go to it’s source!



I LOVE this style! I actually did it on my sisters hair and her strawberry blonde locks just look gorgeous in the style. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics without the flowers. We were going for a Rapunzel look. This one was a little more labor intensive for an everyday style, but I think it is stunning for parties!

hair post2DSC08567


I love this one for a “several day old hair” day. It is SOOOO easy and looks very sophisticated!

hair post1DSC08670


This one was fun, however, with my layers and flyaways, it kind of got out of hand. It was super fun to play with and I might try it again with some water in my hair maybe so it will stay better. I didn’t get a picture of the front, but I really loved how it looked, soft and pretty.

hair postDSC08570


I REALLY liked this one! I have actually done it several times since I took this picture. It is really easy and looks so put together and like you spent a ton of time one it.



This one was fun, although I like my inspiration pic better. Mine needs to be messier, also, I think I incorporated too much hair in the braid.




This one was easy and came together nice. My braids were super long and I had a hard time finding enough room on my head for all the coils! LOL! Next time I want to make the braids A LOT looser.



I thought this one was fun. I really love the fishtail braid. It made me of a braided festival look. I think for me, my hair would be prettier curled rather than straight. What do you think?



So here is the big questions. I have been toying with the idea of doing hair style video tutorials for several years now. It is a passion of mine and I really love doing it. So, what do you think about that?


Would you be interested in Hairstyle videos? I would love to do them for you all!


I think my favorite style of these would be the fishtail braided updo. Which style was your favorite?


By His Grace,


DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask


My Hair was starting to get pretty dry so I decided to try something that is all the rave on the internet! The Coconut Oil Hair Mask.

As you can see it is quite dry. Egh! These are the before pictures. It is also frizzy because I just brushed it.






So I put a bunch of coconut oil all in my hair. I know, weird right? But, hey, a girls gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!






I then combed it through thoroughly before putting it up in a bun for the afternoon.






After the afternoon was over, I washed my hair per normal. It took a few washes to get all of the oil out, but it finally looked normal. These are the after pictures. I liked what it did to my hair. It felt so much more natural and soft after the mask. It still looks kind of frizzy here, but it wasn’t really. I probably wouldn’t do my whole head in Coconut oil again. Too much work to get it all off my scalp. I will definitely be applying it to my ends on occasion to help give them some moisture and softness.



I would recommend not applying all over the scalp, I think I would do it over night or maybe even longer as well. Once it was in a bun, it didn’t really look like I had just slathered Oil all over my hair. It actually looked ok, like I wouldn’t mind going out in public with the Mask on. LOL. Smile

What about you? Have you ever tried a Coconut Oil Hair Mask? Do you have any tips or tricks for me?


By His Grace,