Feminine Peplum Tunic Tutorial


I had this fabric in my stash for a while. I purchased it when it was on sale from Girl Charlee, my favorite knit fabric resource. They always have some gorgeous florals and if you know anything about me you know that I absolutely adore florals. This one was so pretty and after making a batch of headbands, I saved the rest for myself. I had the idea for this peplum, relaxed knit tunic top that I wanted to make and I decided to go for it. It only took me a few hours to draft the pattern and sewing it together was a snap. It took less than 20 min to have it assembled. This pattern was super easy and I can’t wait to make another one!Read More »

DIY/How to: Children’s Fish Game

Adorable Fish Game

Hello all! I made this last week for my nephews birthday and decided that I would do a vlog/how to video! I am quite proud of how the video turned out after all that editing and I hope you enjoy it! This gift turned out so adorable, I almost wished I could have kept it for myself! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone! I can just picture myself hanging over the back of a chair for an hour or so, waving the pole around and trying to pick up the fish. Open-mouthed smile I remember playing with a game similar to this when I was little, so I got so excited when It came together! Let me know what you think of the video! Would you have preferred a normal post format? Or do you like the video idea? I am trying to branch out since I love watching diy on youtube, I figured you might once in a while too! Enjoy! And let me know if you have any questions!


Would you make this game? Did you enjoy the video format?

By God’s Grace,


Easy Handmade Christmas Gift Guide

Merry Christmas Everyone! The days are counting down and I just realized how little time there is until Christmas! Yikes! That time flew by fast! Because of the lack of time, I decided to pick some really easy DIY’s and tutorials for you so that you would be able to have them done in time in case you decide to try some of these! I have made nearly all of them at one time or another, so I can attest to the fact that they are quick and relatively easy to create!

*click on the pictures and they will take you to their pins on pinterest, or directly to the tutorial.Read More »

Mom Dress to Daisy Skirt DIY

Daisy Skirt

I saw this picture on pinterest, and really wanted a daisy skirt. There is something whimsical about the daisies. I don’t really know what it is, but I though it was just so cute!

dasisy skirt 2


We were all shopping at Goodwill and I pulled this beauty (not really) off the rack and gasped with delight. “OH I love this! Look at this! Look at this!” I all but squealed! Under my breath of course so as not to disturb the other shoppers. Smile My sisters proceeded to look at me with that have-you-gone-crazy look. “no no! It’s going to be a skirt! It will be fabulous! You’ll see!” They just rolled their eyes in that age old “whatevs” look. One of my sisters assured me “I know you can make it look good, but I just don’t see it”. I happily went home with my $6 purchase, determined to make an awesome article of clothing for my closet.


First step was that I cut the skirt away right beneath the bodice.


I then cut a 3 inch wide rectangle of the front of the bodice for the waistband. I wanted to incorporate the button detail on the front of the skirt waistband. I know, I cut it kind of crooked.


I then reinforced it with interfacing. The kind I used was a little lighter than I would have preferred. Next time I will either double it or use a heavier weight. I ironed it in half as well and pinned it down.


I sewed the fold down on the raw edges. I cut the front waistband to half of my waist measurement. The back, I left as long as it was because I planned to thread elastic into it next.


Using a safety pin I threaded the 1.25” width elastic into the back waistband piece.


I pinned it and sewed the elastic down on the sides.


Then I sewed the front and back waistband together. Next, I sewed right below the elastic on the back so it had a snugger casing. I also gathered the top of the skirt.


I pinned the skirt to the waistband. Because I made the waistband too wide, I ended up sewing with a seam allowance of about 1” all the way around. When all was said and done, I re-sewed the button on the front of the skirt so I could be sure it was centered.


I didn’t show it in the pictures, but I also ended up cutting off the hem and re-hemming so it would be a few inches shorter. It was just a tad too long and was at that awkward length. This made it much more manageable.


I just love this skirt! The weight and drape of the fabric is perfect, as well as nice and light and cool for spring and summer.


I even got to keep the pockets of the original dress! I don’t have any clue why. . . but pockets make me so happy!


Front waistband detail.


Back Waistband detail.



Overall, this DIY was relatively easy to do. It took me a couple hours in the middle of the afternoon and was a quick turnaround. It is really comfortable. The only thing I would do differently is make the back waistband larger and maybe use an elastic with a little more stretch, or incorporate a zipper. It is a little hard to get over my hips when I put it on, but I can easily pull it over my head.


What do you think? Would you try this DIY?

By God’s Grace,


DIY Quick Dress Fix

blog dress

I was given this dress by a friend and I loved the fabric! Blue and green, specifically blue is one of my favorite colors ever! I wear it the most. In the words of Shelby from Steel Magnolia’s, “It’s my signature color” said with a southern accent of course.

signature color

The neck was really kind of. . . um. . . this is not a word but bear with me. . . Choky. It just was so uncomfortable and I felt like the dress was trying to choke me! LOL! I wasn’t ready to give up on this dress yet so I decided to give fixing it a shot.



First I marked with a pin where I though the actual neck should be. Where would it be comfortable? Yet still modest. I didn’t want to cut too much off. I have done that before and nothing could be sadder. Sad smile



I trimmed it in a scoop shape and then ironed the raw edges inside. It was lined so it worked perfectly. then did a quick top stitch with white thread.


All set and I love it! No more scratchy uncomfortable neckline! And, it took me like 5 min! This was the easiest fix I think to date! And to think I was almost ready to give it away! So happy I didn’t!


P.S. I apologize for the mess in the background. I was cleaning sweaters out of my closet!


Have you ever had a quick fix that you loved?

By God’s Grace,


Altered Waistband Skirt DIY


Last week, I buckled down and tackled everything in my Mending basket! I hemmed some of my Dad’s dress pants, sewed a cut out skirt for my sister, trimmed and hemmed a skirt, and organized the rest of the basket. It is a vintage laundry basket, so over time it is large enough to collect quite a bit of miscellaneous junk. Smile I got this skirt that I will be talking about today from a thrift store. I really dislike the drop waist look on me. But this skirt was so pretty! I loved the print and the color block on the bottom. I also loved the sheery, classy looking fabric. I decided I would get it and attempt to alter the waistband and I am so happy with how it turned out! A score I think for $3!


It was a Worthington brand and the fabric was just so nice!


So, first I pinned the pleats in place because I didn’t want to lose them. I debated over this. I had the idea to just make it all gathered, but decided against that. So I pinned the pleats in place in order not to lose them! This fabric was very slippery, so I wasn’t taking any chances!


I unzipped the zipper so that when I sewed the elastic to the area right below the existing waistband, I could zip up the zipper again with hopefully no problems. Smile I hope that made sense! LOL!


So, I cut the waistband off, right below the seam and pinned the elastic directly to the top of the skirt.



Then, I sewed it all to the elastic and this is what it looked like! The pleats actually turned out great! I am super happy with it!




Ta Da! All done! It fits me around the actual waist now and I really love how it looks!



This skirt is so super swishy! I can’t wait to wear it out!





I have done this alteration to several skirts before and because I often wear a belt over it anyway. I love it!

Have you ever altered something and loved how it turned out?


By His Grace,


DIY How to Shorten Skirts




I got these three skirts from various thrift stores I paid less than $5 for each of them. I got them with the purpose in my head to shorten them to the just mid knee tea length I have been loving. They were just at that super awkward length. You know, where they just brush the top of your ankles. . . NOT flattering to say the least!  I really like the high-waisted midi skirts on me. Altering skirts this way is super simple, as long as you can sew and cut straight you should be good to go! You don’t need to have a ton of experience either. This is a super simple DIY.


This is one of the skirts I altered and I love it so much! I think it is the single most worn article in my wardrobe.



Lay the skirt out flat after you have measured where you want to cut. You can mark it off with pins or however you want.


Cut it in a slightly curlved line. If you look closely at this picture, you can see that I raised the waistband in the back as I cut so that when it was finished, it would be slightly longer in the back than in the front. Which, when I am wearing it, means that it is equal lengths all around.



Then, I just did a simple double roll hem on the bottom of each. You can iron it first if you want. Which, if you are working with slippery fabric makes it easier!


All done! These skirts have been awesome and I love wearing them! I think I finished them in less than 1/2 an hour. The length is a lot more flattering now and I am so happy with how they turned out.


Would you ever try this DIY?

Ever altered something you got from a thrift store, or anywhere?


By His Grace,