Wardrobe Essentials Roundup


These are the hidden gems of the fashion world. The items that nobody sees or comments on, the everyday necessities that make fashion greatness possible. Through much trial and error, here are the best that I have found. Here are my day to day wardrobe essentials included with links for where to purchase them and why I find them necessities in my wardrobe! Read More »

Vintage Makeover // 40-50’s Edition


vintage makeover

After asking my Instagram followers which they would prefer, a Vintage Makeover or a Day In The Life video, the votes were too close to call, but this one was speaking to me so much, I couldn’t resist. I took the day and gave myself a vintage makeover! I did my hair special and the makeup to achieve this look! It was loads of fun and I hope you enjoy the video as well as the pictures I took in sub-freezing temps. . . you’re welcome.
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Shein Winter Try On Haul


The haul is here lovelies! I hope you enjoy this Fashion Friday’s Try on haul and review of the Shein items that I got over Black Friday this year! I think I still want to do an Amazon try on haul as well, but funds are a little short currently. So hopefully soon in the future! Also, be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube as I am hoping/planning to make that a bigger venue during 2019. 😀 Read More »

#FashionFridays // Red for Fall

fashion header

FALL IS HERE! My favorite season in the whole world! I thought it would be no better way to celebrate than to get back to fashion posts with this momentous change of season. *throws fall leaves as confetti*

Announcing, Fashion Friday’s! Now that my summer series Why I Want To Homeschool is officially over, I am excited to get back to one of my favorite things to blog about, fashion. Fridays are now going to be the designated fashion day with the new title of Fashion Friday’s! Seriously, I feel like I have neglected this for too long and I am super excited to get back to it.Read More »