Vintage Makeover // 40-50’s Edition


vintage makeover

After asking my Instagram followers which they would prefer, a Vintage Makeover or a Day In The Life video, the votes were too close to call, but this one was speaking to me so much, I couldn’t resist. I took the day and gave myself a vintage makeover! I did my hair special and the makeup to achieve this look! It was loads of fun and I hope you enjoy the video as well as the pictures I took in sub-freezing temps. . . you’re welcome.
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#FashionFridays // Red for Fall

fashion header

FALL IS HERE! My favorite season in the whole world! I thought it would be no better way to celebrate than to get back to fashion posts with this momentous change of season. *throws fall leaves as confetti*

Announcing, Fashion Friday’s! Now that my summer series Why I Want To Homeschool is officially over, I am excited to get back to one of my favorite things to blog about, fashion. Fridays are now going to be the designated fashion day with the new title of Fashion Friday’s! Seriously, I feel like I have neglected this for too long and I am super excited to get back to it.Read More »

What I Made: A Wedding Dress


Pardon the plethora of pictures, but I talked about this a lot last year when it was happening. If you are a new follower, you might not know, but last year, my older brother got married and I had the privilege of making the bride’s wedding dress. My new sister-in-law was a dream to work with, and she was the best first client a girl could ever ask for. I worked with her to design a dress from scratch that would be just what she would want to wear on the day that she said “I do.” Thankfully, she loved it.Read More »

Feelin’ Spring // Outfit

It has been a bit warmer for, like, two days last week? What can I say? Us northerners get even a tiny taste of spring and it’s time to break out the tank tops. LOL! It was warm enough one day that we had the doors open. *swoon* So I am definitely feeling motivated and inspired by spring for my wardrobe. I am going to be doing a HUGE overhaul of my wardrobe, which is really phase two because I got rid of garbage bags full of stuff a while ago, so know that the fashion posts might be a bit few and far between still for a bit. Thanks for sticking with me anyway!

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