My 5 Fave TV shows // Current

my 5favetv shows

I am going to start off this post with a disclaimer. Not all of these TV shows are suitable for all audiences. I would caution you to search out content before you watch and if you are minor, be sure to get your parents permission. Also, some of these I watch edited versions of (aka cut tracks or fast-forwarded), or have skipped entire episodes due to content.

I have had some extra time of late, through the month of December with being sick so much, and then I’ve been working on a pretty extensive knitting project which means I multi-task by watching tv at the same time. 😀 That being said, let’s get into it!
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May Favorites 2017// God is Bigger Tee

This outfit was kind of a quick, comfortable throw together for a busy day and I ended up loving it! I always love my graphic tees, but it is hard to wear them sometimes, because they aren’t long enough for me to wear with jeans, and they can be kind of shapeless when pared with a boxy denim skirt. I snagged this denim shirt from my mom’s get-rid-of pile and kept it. It goes perfectly for a throw over, and it is perfectly long in the back for me to wear it with jeans. I love the casual, but cute vibes this outfit has with the too-large denim shirt, the cute graphic tee, and the vintagy headband.

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July Favorites ~ 2016


Today, after dinner I had a hankering for chocolate something fierce! So I caved and had my brother pick me up a chocolate bar from the hardware store when he ran there for a dowel. Smile I enjoyed it immensely with a glass of raw milk. I then read the back of the package and was thanked for eating my chocolate bar because it helps support children’s education! Who knew you could make a difference by eating a bar of chocolate! I feel so much better about that splurge now! LOL!Read More »

Friday Faves:Audio Drama/Big Announcement!!!!!


So Today (or tomorrow, depending on when you read this) Is World Audio Drama Day! Oh Happy Day! In case you missed my first post about this, check it out here, but Audio Drama is something that I really really enjoy!


So I am going to list a few of my favorites! Patience! The announcement will come soon!


I finally saved up enough to buy these wonderful Drama’s! Lamplighter Season 1 is amazing and I am already starting to save up for the next season! Great stories’ with great messages and awesomely produced! Nugh said!!!!



Me so happy with my drama’s!



I also just this week got this!!! I really like the Father Gilbert Mysteries! The content is a little more mature than just your average children’s radio show and was designed for older teens on up. They address a spiritual side of the world that most people generally stray away from and I found it quite captivating!

father gilbert


My audio drama library is slowly but surely growing! Be sure to check all of these Amazing Providers for Family Friendly and Christ Centered Audio Drama. Link Happy!

 Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

 Lamplighter Theatre

 Adventures in Odyssey (for younger listeners, but adults can enjoy it too, I do!)

 Jonathan Park

 Heirloom Audio

 The Brinkman Adventures

 Keys for Kids Radio (Red Rock Mysteries and Down Gilead Lane are awesome from these people!)


Also, be sure to check out my favorite podcast where they talk all about Family Friendly Audio Drama! My sister Sarah Grace and I were on the podcast this month interviewing the hosts! Check it out!


My Library shelf! This is only the half of it, I own more, but digitally, which is awesome if you want to save money on it.



Now for our BIG NEWS!


We have created our own Audio Drama and Website! ANNOUNCING . . .

 ICHTHUS family productions!

We have put a lot of work into this over the past few weeks with the goal that we would release it on World Audio Drama Day! Our goal was achieved! We are so excited! So, go browse around, listen to the Intro Episode of our new show, visit our about page and see what we hope to achieve with this!



Be sure to let us know what you think!


Do you like Audio Drama? What are your favorites?

By His Grace,


Friday Faves July 2015

Hello! The last Friday of the month has come and with it another Friday Favorites post. These posts are full of things I have enjoyed the last month. Maybe you’ll find something here you haven’t heard of before and you might enjoy it too!



I don’t know why, but I have been really into mysteries lately! Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am writing a mystery story right now. It helps with inspiration. Not to mention, they are quite enjoyable!


~ The O’Malley Series by Dee Henderson.



These books are really enjoyable! They are mysteries, and each book chronicles the life of one of the O’Malley siblings. There are seven of them. They were all raised in the same orphanage and they banded together with a very real connection as children. As adults, they legally changed their last names to O’Malley. The family dynamics are so sweet and I really enjoy the sibling teasing and fun. I am only on book 3 of 7 I believe, so I can’t vouch for the rest, but book 1 and 2 were great!


~ Squeaky Clean Mysteries by Christy Barritt



  These books were so cute! There are ten in the series and I have read through book 8. These are so fun and witty! Gabby St. Claire, the main character is a feisty red head with an adorable sense of humor and quirky personality. She is a crime scene cleaner, so at first a little of her banter seemed a bit crass, but then you see that her heart is really sweet, and she does what she does as a means of respecting the families who have lost loved ones. Gabby is just so Hilarious! I wish she were real!




 So mostly I have been listening to soundtracks this month as I have been using them as a focusing help to myself with writing. Soundtracks really help put me in the story and lessen distractions. Which is nice, because a distraction free zone is hard to come by in this busy house of 10 people!


~ Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

This one has a darker mysterious feel that I like for when I am writing intense or mysterious scenes



~Cinderella Soundtrack by Patrick Doyle

This one has a whimsical, soft, classical sound to it I just so adore!


Other than soundtracks a song I really like right now is Ready or Not by Britt Nicole feat. Lecrae. It’s my happy “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” song. Open-mouthed smile



 I got the opportunity to watch this movie over Skype with a sweet friend of mine who lives too far away. Her name is Julia and here is her blog if you would like to check it out!

~ Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.
O my word, Can I just say I wish I could be Audrey Hepburn for a day!? Her ladylikeness and poise and gracefulness are exactly what I want to emulate! And her politeness. And she is so naturally pretty! Such a cute movie! I highly recommend it! Especially if you like old films.


~ Unconditional~


Goodness! This movie was a tear jerker! I was literally I kid you not, SOBBING at the end! So if you don’t want to cry, don’t watch this movie! The story was so amazing! I am going to cry again (fans my face) The story of a woman whose husband was murdered and how she found hope again. The part that made me cry the most (other than the end) was when the little girl who could not speak because of trauma started talking to a horse. This movie was just so good! And based off of a true story. I wouldn’t recommend it for children.




These pens are super awesome! They can keep up with my furious scribbling without the ink skipping in places.



My story. I am in the process of writing a novel! I know scary right? I tried something new at the advice of a friend and tried outlining this time around. Can I just say it was awesome!? The story is a mystery so outlining it really helped me to know EVERYTHING that was going to happen and get a broader picture. I will ramble about it in a post next week! But I am just thrilled with how it is turning out!


What are some of your favorite things right now?

By His Grace,









Friday Favorites March 2015

I again apologize for being late with the Friday Faves. . . But here, they are!


Click on the pictures to take you to where you can purchase them.

Ellie Holcomb’s As Sure as the Sun.

~such a beautiful mix of scripture written into music. Her voice is so cool! I just love this album!


Crowder’s Neon Steeple

~ I am really enjoying this mix of country and modern music. I have been listening to it almost non-stop! We even jived to it while we were spring cleaning this week!




yes, I know, I already mentioned it but CINDERELLA was UH-mazing! I cried and laughed and was breathless with delight. I have even heard tell of men crying!






Yup, still chugging away at
Les Miserables: Such a beautiful tale! I must say though, Victor Hugo is the master of philosophical, poetical, and historical rabbit trails. I must confess though I did only skim some of Grantaire’s monologues. When that guy drinks some wine he can talk quite the blue streak!



My sewing machine. . . we have been almost inseparable these past few weeks. I had an outside job that I have been working on for someone, and I have been sewing a lot. . . skirts, and even a dress. . . more on that later.


These Fabulous pumps that I got for $5.00! SCORE! I don’t know where I am going to wear them. . . but they were $5!




Notebooks: I know, silly, but my brain does not retain a lot when it has a lot flying around in it. My secret weapon has become writing down whatever important fact I think of when I think of it so I don’t forget it. I have 2 little notebooks lying around. One is for random things (aka, what I need to do on the computer, things I need from Hobby Lobby, measurements, and other random notes) and the second is for literary things. Story ideas, plot points for my novel, quotes, and other such things.


And. . . last but definitely not least, The dress that I made myself. here is a sneak peak. I have never made a dress before, (well, not really) And I am so pleased as punch, I literally squealed like a little girl and jumped up and down, when I tried it on. You can see my excitement in the picture.




Today, I took a test in piano. They test me in four different areas of music. Performance, Aural awareness(aka listening), Technic and sight reading, and Theory. When I went in for my test, the judicator asked me how I was. I said fine, but felt like saying like Anne of Green Gables. “Well in body, but considerably rumpled in spirit thank you”  Thankfully I felt like I did an good job. Performance, ( my favorite part, I was blessed to be able to play on a Steinway Grand piano! Eek! I was in heaven and would loved to have done it over again for the pure joy of playing on such a marvelous instrument. I literally feel like I played it better on that piano than I did on our Keyboard. 


Well, anyway, what are some of your favorite things this month?


By His Grace,