Where Is Your Mission Field?

Mission field post

I am reading through the gospels in the month of February. I made it through the first half of Mark yesterday. I have been asking God to show me things as I read. New things, things I may not have noticed before. I am finding that no matter how many times you can read a bible verse, there is always something new to learn.

In Mark 5 I was reading through the story of the man who was possessed by the group of demons that called themselves “legion”.

The end of the story is what captured my attention.Read More »

The “Big Things for God” Myth

the big things for god myth

I was reading a book recently. An enjoyable, lovely piece of fiction by Sharon Hinck. That is neither here, nor there, but I was confronted with the same Myth that has plagued me my whole life. And a myth which I believe plagues many people like me. Girls, boys, teenagers, men, women, adults and children alike, this myth has become a distraction and a tool of the enemy.

That myth that I am talking of is the “Big Things for God” Myth.Read More »

2017 Goals and Word of the Year

Okay, so I know I am late on this. I mean, it is the second week of the year already! WHAAA? Where did that go?! Oh yeah, I was sick for part of the first week. There is not much that is motivational about sitting on the couch for two days straight watching movies because your brain is not capable of doing anything else.

Enough with that, time to be motivational! I am so excited for the new year! I can’t help feeling that there is a lot in store for us this year! The excitement is high, and also the need for lots of faith. Okay, on to my word for the year and it’s meaning to me!Read More »

This Year. . .



As I sit back and reflect while doing the dishes of all things, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed and tears fill my eyes so I can hardly see. I have seen and felt so much. So much of it I am not sure I ever want to experience again, but all I can say while tightening my jaw to keep the sobs away is, “Thank you Lord.”

I have witnessed such pain and loss on such a close level that at times, I felt like there was a hurricane of chaos and darkness swirling all around, and all I could do was watch with a breaking heart.Read More »

Take Courage: God is Still King

Hello everyone. I am sure you know what is going on in our world right now without having to be told. If you are like me, some of the stuff happening can be frightening and even downright depressing. I have been finding it difficult to keep my head in the right place so I thought I would share with you all some things that have been encouraging me right now.

I have a bracelet that has the phrase “Have courage and be kind” And while this may seem trite in the sense that it was a main quote from a Disney movie, when I look at it, I think of a verse that really speaks to me right now and is a great encourager.Read More »