Why “Back to School” Breaks My Heart

why _back to school_

*Disclaimer: Before I start off with this post, I hope that everyone understands that I do not judge those who send their children to school and I don’t think that everyone should homeschool. My parents were called to homeschool me and my siblings, but I don’t for one second think that every parent is called to that. *End of disclaimer*

Now that I am an adult and I am around other adults who have children. . . I have found something that makes my heart very sad.Read More »

Cultivating a Habit of Prayer

cultivating a habit of prayer post

We all know prayer is important. Let’s just agree on that for the purpose of today’s post. It isn’t mentioned in the bible so many times without a good reason, right?

If you are anything like me, you’ve had too many other things going on to pray. It is hard. You loose focus. You can’t just “sit and pray”. Your mind wanders and you give up in frustration. You are lucky if your immediate family all get prayed for before you loose track and move on to other thoughts.

Okay, lets just be honest. We are too lazy to pray. But it is so important. But I heard a quote recently, and I am probably paraphrasing, but this is what it said. “You won’t just find time to be with the Lord. There isn’t going to be unused time lying around in your daily life. You have to make time to be with the Lord. You have to fight for it.”Read More »

Are Your Struggles Insignificant?

are yourstrugglesinsignificant take 2

Life is full of problems. People around us are struggling and wrestling with weighty matters, that when we look at them, we can’t imagine having to go through what they are. People all around the world are starving, dying, being consumed by bitterness and hatred. In short, so much pain. When I am in my own struggles, I can often come away with this feeling of guilt.

“What a baby. These friends, family, and people in general are struggling so hard and under a lot of pressure and pain, yet here, all I can think about is my petty problem.”Read More »

What Are You Seeking?

What are you seeking_

I was reading in Hosea today. I decided to go through the minor prophets. I have before and I always forget what hidden treasures await in those little, insignificant books in between Daniel and the first gospel.

I am sure most are familiar with the story of Hosea. It is one that has been novelized, televised and turned into stories of all sorts. That being said, if you aren’t familiar with it, in short, it is an allegory that God used to illustrate His will to His people. To describe it in short, His people had turned away from Him and “became Harlots” to other Gods and other things. He was no longer their one true “Lover” but the one they turned away from in search of greater and better things. They sought their fulfillment from things that were not that important, things that would not really fulfill them in the long run anyway.Read More »

White and Floral Outfit and Cravings


Hello lovelies!

I was overjoyed when I put this ensemble together. It is a relatively new skirt that I have been saving to wear because it is white, and you know that rule about not wearing white until spring. Well spring has finally sprung! And I was so happy to finally get to wear this lovely skirt! I scored it at a thrift store while shopping on my trip to Georgia. This outfit was just one of those outfits that you feel so confident in. It felt like a “me” outfit. You know?Read More »