2017 Q&A. . . Finally

I am legit not even going to apologize. Not one bit.

It took me 2 hours to film the questions from you people.

The edited video finally came down to nearly an HOUR LONG.


Hence the reason it took so long to get it to you. After hours of splicing and listening to myself talk. (ew) then a 7 hour exporting time (my poor computer) I finally offer you the fruit of my labors.

Grab a bucket of popcorn and some tea and sit back and listen to the answers to your questions! I would love to hear your comments and I hope you don’t mind that I climbed atop a soapbox or two. *blushes* Watch away!



By God’s Grace,


London in the Dark Giveaway Winner!


Congrats to 4rmeddy! I apologize for butchering your username. . . *hides under desk* If you can email me at rufflesandgrace(at)gmail.com and send me your contact info, I can ship that to you shortly!

And if you didn’t win a copy, you can purchase one by clicking on the picture below.

London Purchase button

Again, I still am offering free ebooks in exchange for amazon reviews, so if you want to take advantage of that, head on over to https://www.victorialynnauthor.com/contact to get a hold of me and request a copy.

By God’s Grace,