Polkadots and Mint Outfit + Giveaway Winner + Links


I have come to realize that I have been woefully lacking when it comes to outfit posts, what with the giveaways and other things that have been going on. I definitely still have a huge heart for dressing modestly and encouraging others that it is possible to do and stay on a budget and look great at the same time. I have lots of outfits that I have pictures of ready to share that I am very excited about. I wore this outfit out shopping recently and I absolutely Love it!








I got this silky polka dot high-waisted skirt from a thrift store and It was an awkward length, so I cut it down to the same length as my fave black skirt from E-shakti that I posted about here. It is now the perfect length and lovely for summer. I have worn it before on the blog in my Fourth of July Outfit Post.  I have been enjoying it so much! I paired it with this mint t-shirt and used these adorable sneakers for a casual and comfortable “shopping” outfit. I just love polka dots! I don’t what it is but when I am shopping or going through fabric, I find myself instantly drawn to polka dots and stripes a lot. I now have 2 polka dot skirts in my wardrobe! This one is navy and the other is black so I am ok with it. Plus, they are different cuts. This one reminds me of a 50’s silhouette.  I Just love that look and it seems like a style that fits me really well. It has become a silhouette that is a trademark of a part of my style.

If you know me, you also know that I love doing hair and I loved this style. It was my take on a Mohawk bun, and it is so easy and pretty. I love the way that it was loose around my face, was quick to put together and looks sophisticated yet messy at the same time.


Outfit Details:

Polka dot Skirt: thrifted $5

Mint T-shirt: Forever 21 $2.99

Levi Tennis shoes: Costco $21

Earrings: Jewels by Julia


Now, without any further ado, the winner of the custom made “Readers gonna Read” tote is:


Congratulations Trish!


Also, for those of you who may not have noticed, two of the bloggers that I tagged in my most recent “Get to Know me post” posted their response to the tag! You can check out their posts, you will thoroughly enjoy them and I loved getting to know these beautiful and great bloggers!

Madison from Minnie Muse ( I love this girls blog! It is so beautiful and I love her posts! I find so much inspiration on her blog!)

Melani from Reflections of the Heart ( Melani shares a lot of great outfits and posts on modesty. )


Do you like polka dots? Do you like doing your hair?

By God’s Grace,


Black and Classy Outfit


Finally! An outfit post! I have trying for weeks but it hasn’t worked out. We have been super busy. Our Family’s “Barn Boutique Sale” was this past weekend and everything revolved around that for two weeks leading up to it. Plus, we have had my little niece and nephew (4 and 3) a lot. They are such sweeties and I have enjoyed having them around! They call me “toria” because my name is a bit of a mouthful. Reminds me of when my siblings were little and couldn’t say my name either.


I wore this to an eye appointment and you might notice that I am not wearing my glasses! I got contacts! I am slowly working my way up to wearing them. This morning was really hard, my eyes were all dry for a while. And I thought I had put the contact in inside out. LOL! Wearing contacts is a bit of an art and takes some practice and getting used to.


I love this outfit! It is just so effortless, but so put together and classy at the same time.


I had a lot of fun with my hair. These crown braids took a little extra work, but they were so worth it! They lasted great all day and I just loved them! I am hoping to doing a video tutorial on them soon! 



I got this skirt from E-shakti. I have been looking for a black high-waisted gathered skirt for a long time. Like, several years. I also wanted to make one, but that didn’t pan out. I couldn’t find the right weight of fabric, so I bit the bullet and purchased this from E-shakti. I couldn’t be happier! They aren’t paying me to say this, but I love this skirt! Is a definite staple in my wardrobe and it goes with pretty much everything. You can pair it with a floral, stripes, solids, flannels. . . you get the idea. It is also a good weight that it can cross over from winter to summer. You can find it here and if you click here you get $30 off your first order! Here are two that are similar. They might seem a bit pricey, but the quality is fabulous and the customer service great. I ordered the wrong size and they paid the shipping back for a return and I received the right size. They want to make sure that you love what you get and that it fits perfectly. With the $30 off you can get one of these skirts for actually a decent price.




Outfit Details:

Skirt: Eshakti $20 similar here and here

Top: Thrifted $3

Earrings: Antique Market $4

Flip-Flops: Flojo’s brand from Costco $10

Necklace: $3


Anyone have any contact wearing tips?

Have you tried Eshakti? Did you like them?


By God’s Grace,


Spring/Summer Fashion Inspiration: BOHO


It is time for a Spring/Summer inspiration post! Woo hoo! Spring is finally here and I am so happy! I love summer clothes! Flowy skirts, no coats and most importantly flip flops!!!! Bring it on! If you have followed my blog much at all you know that there is something inside of me that loves the boho/hippie look. There is so much about it that I love! Predominately the bracelets, feathers, and did I say bracelets? Well, let’s get started!

In the collage above, I picked my top 5 inspiration pics. Top left: I absolutely LOVE this outfit! I wish I could click on it and it would magically appear in my closet. That skirt is just he coolest and to this day remains my favorite outfit of all time. And I have a lot of pinterest boards ya’ll. Top right: this skirt is just so pretty and flowy. Which is another thing I love about the boho look. Long flowy skirts are the best! Bottom left: bracelets are my thing. I love them! When my siblings asked my what I wanted for my birthday, “if you are ever at a loss on what to get me, if you get me a bracelet, I will be a happy woman. “  Bottom right: I love this flowy, floral blouse. It just sings spring! The middles picture is kinda the coolest and it sums up the boho look. It really is just so eclectic, earthy, and vibrant, but it somehow just all goes together.


maxi skirts are another thing I love about spring and summer. The more boho the better! I love both of these. That first patchworky one just really grabs me! I might have to make something similar! It is so cool!


Because I wear tunics with my jeans, accomplishing the bohemian look is quite easy. Throw some braclets, long earrings and flip flops on and you are good to go!


This outfit is what I wear a lot during the summer. A long tiered skirt, lots of bracelets, and flip-flops. It is just so comfortable and effortless.




Sigh, this skirt is just so heavenly. but alas! I cannot find it anywhere! The link is broken! Sad smile


BRACELETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make my heart happy!


The hat. And the dress, I would wear this in a heartbeat.


Again, I love the hat! I have plenty of those! That blouse or dress, is so pretty. That is another thing about the bohemian look. The embroidery aspect of it is really pretty.


I will end with the piece de resistance. This skirt. Just wow! I have looked them up and they are a special kind of Bohemian skirt and you can order them based on how full you want them. Some are up to 15 yards full. Love it! I would feel like a bohemian princess wearing this! Love! Maybe one day I will be able to afford one.


The outfits are all outfits I put together on Polyvore. For a fashionista like me, it is the grown up equivalent to paper dolls! I have lots of fun on there. You can check out my other sets here!


Do you like the Boho look?

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring/summer?

By God’s grace,