Review of A Breath of Hope \\ Guest Review

Hey y’all, today we have a guest review by my sister, Sarah Grace! So without further ado, here we go.



A Breath of Hope by Lauraine Snelling

Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Year: 2018
Purchase and Synopsis:
Series: Under Northern Skies (Book 2)


It actually hurts a bit for me to rate a Lauraine Snelling book only 3 stars. Snelling is one of my all-time favorite authors, one of the few authors that I will preorder her books before they come out and watch the mailbox impatiently until they arrive. Unfortunately, this one was a little disappointing.Read More »

When Beauty Blooms Blog Tour Signups//I Goofed

So, just like every normal person, I apparently messed up. Well, personally, I think the technology had something to do with it, but I have to take some responsibility here. LOL! Apparently, the form never saved the fact that I needed email addresses. So, I have absolutely no way to contact most of the applicants. That being said, if you signed up for the blog tour, please forgive me for goofing it up, and either send me your email at or edit your entry into the doc. Thank you all so much for signing up! Here is the form again.


Why I Want to Homeschool: Mind Protection


Let’s face it, the public school isn’t the cleanest mental place for my child to be. I have talked with friends, coworkers, and others about what their experience was going to a public school, and backed up with further research, I am not excited about the idea of sending my child there.

So much adult content such as sex, drugs, alcohol, violence and other things, whether advertently or inadvertently, is funneled into kids brains in the public school system. It might be from another child who watches garbage that I wouldn’t watch myself, let alone let my kids watch, or it might even be through the classes that they are required to take. Read More »

Indie Publishing: My Pros and Cons

indie publishing

I thought this might be a useful post for some of you who may have not taken the step or journey into the publishing world yet, or even maybe for those who have. I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons that I have discovered for myself. Honestly, I don’t think Indie is the end all be all. There are so many paths, and there can be a right and wrong for you, that may be different for others. God has a separate path for each of us and I wish you the best on whichever one that is. So let’s get into it! Here is my list of pros and cons. Read More »

Trafficking: We Need to be Aware

trafficking post

It’s a hard subject. It’s something that most people don’t want to think about. We shouldn’t have to think about it. But the truth is, we need to. The first step to staying safe in this broken world is to be aware. We need to keep our eyes open, and as much as I would like to bury my head in the sand and not have to worry about such things, that really isn’t the wisest option.

This issue has been coming to my attention a lot lately, and I don’t know what God’s purpose for that is. But I have been seeing things to do with it everywhere. Facebook, other social medias, and even friends posting in support of the cause against it. This past year, this cause has become something that is very near and dear to my heart, and I wanted to share it with you.Read More »

Writing Prompt 064

Writing Prompt 054

Beachside Resorts are boring. Or so Danni thought. She had escaped to get away from it all. The noise, the bustle, the people. It had all been too much. It all weighed on her like a heavy sack that was draped from her shoulders. The oppressiveness closing her throat off from the fresh air that she needed.

Climbing up from the hill behind the resort had been her only way of escape. She bit hard on her lip till she drew blood. The conversation that she had heard made her blood turn hot, but cold all at the same time. She had heard her parents arguing. Well, parent. Her stepmother was the farthest thing from a true parent. She had heard them with her door closed and with headphones in her ear, which attested to the loudness of the discussion. Read More »