Five Fall Favorites // Day 6 // BONUS

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Welcome to the final day of Five Fall Favorites! I am so excited that you joined me for this bonus post as I share with you my top five reads of THE YEAR so far! I’m super stoked, so grab you beverage of choice, your lacy parasol (sorry, just what comes to mind when I think of boats) and come meet me at the boats for a lovely float and chat! 😀Read More »

Five Fall Favorites // Day 4 // Contemporary

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Welcome to day four! I happen to have a really beautiful “barn” on our property that we use for special events, my brother was married in it, we host monthly worship nights, it’s just a really fun, beautiful area with places to sit, a gorgeous porch and we even just recently added the softest rug you’ve ever sunk your feet into. Today’s theme is actually barns, so I would love to invite you into ours to put up your feet on the couch, maybe even sit on the new rug (that’s where I am going to be) and join me in a fun chat about five of my favorite contemporary published books.Read More »

Five Fall Favorites // Day 3 // Read-Aloud

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Today we were asked to post five of our favorite read aloud books, whether they were read to us, or we read them to others. Below are my favorites that I have either read aloud to siblings, or would read aloud to my children. How many more times can I say read aloud in this post? The person who counts them all and comments with the number gets a cookie! 😉 So hop on your bicycle and I’ll take you to my favorite reading place, the park.Read More »

Five Fall Favorites // Day 2 // Humor

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Welcome to day two! Today is going to be a fun one, so grab your backpack, and mine and we’ll snack and chat about some awesome books that make us laugh! I would be more than happy to hear some of your favorite humor books, so feel free to chime in during the comments! I will be responding as much as possible, so if you comment and refresh the page a few minutes later, you might have already gotten a reply! Read More »

Five Fall Favorites // Day 1 // Historical

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Welcome to day one of Five Fall Favorites! This book related blog party is being hosted by Rebekah over at Read Another Page. Rebekah Morris and Kate Willis are phenomenal at throwing these parties and being an avid book lover, I couldn’t help but join in! So grab your favorite book and join me with some tea and a scone for my list today! Here is my best chair for you to recline in while we chat!


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