2017 Q&A. . . Finally

I am legit not even going to apologize. Not one bit.

It took me 2 hours to film the questions from you people.

The edited video finally came down to nearly an HOUR LONG.


Hence the reason it took so long to get it to you. After hours of splicing and listening to myself talk. (ew) then a 7 hour exporting time (my poor computer) I finally offer you the fruit of my labors.

Grab a bucket of popcorn and some tea and sit back and listen to the answers to your questions! I would love to hear your comments and I hope you don’t mind that I climbed atop a soapbox or two. *blushes* Watch away!



By God’s Grace,


2016: Year in Review Blog Edition

Hello dear ones! I thought I would share with you all some of the stats from last year on my blog! It feels so weird now. Saying that. Last year. It seems crazy that 2016 is finally at a close and that 2017 is upon us! It felt odd to write in my diary the date and have it be 17 instead of 16.


Okay! So to start off, here are the most viewed posts of 2016! I find it hilarious that, with the exception of one, they all took place in the same few months!


Fun Announcements/Answer


I wanted to show you all a few fun things and announce some upcoming cool stuff I have planned! I got this really cool iron horse décor at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I couldn’t resist. Both of my sisters and myself love horses and It just seemed so perfect. I hung it over our closet. It is a little bigger for the space than I thought it would be, but it works. We all love it!



I was making wallets last week and this one happened to match my nails! LOL! This one was one of my favorites as far as colors go. I love blue and green. So pretty. sigh, I might have to think about making myself one. Smile


So . . . One cool announcement! I have a vocal offering I can’t wait to share with you! It took quite a bit of arranging on my part and it was such a blast to do. There is a lot of layering involved in the vocal parts. I will tell you this, it is a medley and it has to do with a movie that is coming out in theatres this week. Can you guess what it is?

Our Favorite Things Cover artwork

Along the lines of announcements. . . My sister and I are starting a Podcast! It is called “Our Favorite Things”. This is the artwork we did together for it. The watercolor was done by Sarah Grace, and the drawing by yours truly. We are so super excited! We are calling it a “chatcast” because in it we will be chatting/sharing with our listeners all about our favorite media! Books, Music, Movies, and Audio Drama. We love a lot of somewhat unknown books, and movies that we want to share about as well as not a lot of people know what or that much about Audio Drama. And music is something we are SUPER passionate about.  I hope you join us in two days on Wednesday April 13 for our first episode! You can check out our website here and be sure to follow us so you get an email every time we release a podcast! We really hope you enjoy it!


Here’s me being a bit of a cheese-puff. . . It was a long day Friday. I did an extensive vocal exercise in the morning before spending 1.5 hours singing for the medley, and then another recording for the podcast. Don’t worry, the finished podcast is not that long. We had quite a bit of editing to do. I also exercised that day and the next two days I was so sore! LOL! I guess it’s been a while since I did resistance training. Back into it now though!


And. . . in answer to last Friday’s post. . . Two Truths and A Lie. . .


The answer was the third one. The lie is that I have never played sports. I played softball for one year. The vote was unanimous though for the fact that I love Michigan winter being the lie. LOL! sorry to disappoint you all, but I really do love snow and the winter time. It think it is just so pretty and I wouldn’t trade the fact that we have all 4 seasons for anything. I love so much about winter, cozying up by the fire, getting snowed in is even fun if you look at it the right way. That’s not to say I don’t love Spring, and Summer, and Fall. And yes, I am ready for sunshine again! That post was super fun and I enjoyed reading your comments! I love it when my readers comment! Thanks so much!


Can you guess what the song I will be releasing is?

Are you at all interested in our “Chatcast”?

By God’s Grace,


What/Why I listen to. . .

I do a lot of what I call “repetitive sewing”, or “mindless work”. It is a lot of sewing the same thing over and over again. Twelve Ruffled Messenger Bags, one after the other. Sewing squares of a quilt in rows. Or just sewing in general doesn’t take a lot of mind power. Knitting, Crocheting, Cleaning, Organizing. . . You get the idea. So what I like to do is listen to things! I love music, but sometimes, I like to change it up and listen to an audio book, or Audio Theatre. I love learning and I have found that listening to these things helps me improve the time by learning History, Science and lots of things in between.

Here are some of the things that I like listening to.

Jonathan Park:


These are my favorite and my first intro to Audio Theatre. These Audio Drama’s are about two homeschool Christian families that own/run a Creation Museum. The stories are fictional, sometimes action packed. I love them, because woven in between the story lines, is Creation Science and Biblical Lessons. One of the Dad’s is a Creation Scientist and is always telling about Scientific Information that can be applied to the real world. Creation/Biblical Science is a huge passion of mine! I love reading, and listening to things that Proclaim the Glory of the Lord and Disclaims the lies of Evolution. I feel that these Audio Drama’s have equipped me to “have an answer for anyone who asks about the hope that is within me.”


The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty:


These Audio Drama’s are based on the original Historical Novels by G.A. Henty, a Christian Novelist of the 20’th Century who did amazing research for each of his novels. They were written for Boys but Girls can enjoy reading them too! I also love History, so I have greatly enjoyed listening to these. I have listened to In Freedom’s Cause, the story of Wallace and Bruce in Scottish History. Very interesting and I really enjoyed it. One thing I love about these is that they believe it important to show the Hand of God in History. In the words of Bill Heid, the Creator of these Audio Drama’s. “In History, it is almost like God has been surgically removed”. He is re-installing God into History if you will.


Focus on the Family Radio Theatre:


Focus on the Family has taken some of the Classics and turned them into interesting, exciting, and sometimes touching Audio dramas. They are truly Delightful. Little Women, The Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables, Oliver Twist, The Narnia Series are just a few in their collection.


 Lamplighter Theatre:


The same folks who created the beautiful Lamplighter books, has been joined by a team of very talented people who have dramatized the books. They are really quite beautiful depictions that teach great Christian character and Biblical Values. Truly a delight and joy to listen to.


Listening is such an easy way for me to learn and increase my productivity, and. . . It keeps me from being bored! Smile

Hope this list is helpful and that if you are interested that you would check these out!

By His Grace,