3 Tips to Writing Flash Fiction


3 tips to writing flash fiction

Writing flash fiction has become a bit of a hobby with me. I do it nearly weekly on my blog in the form of writing prompts and have nearly 75 of them published as of right now. They are loads of fun and it is also fabulous practice for writers. It gives them the ability to focus on some core writing skills without investing months or years of your life into a huge project like a novel. Here are three tips to becoming a Flash Fiction Ninja!Read More »

Writing Prompt 070 // Part 2

writing prompt 070

You can find part 1 here.


I couldn’t see the arrow, but I knew that’s what it was at it whizzed past my ear and struck its mark behind me with a thwap. A groan burst from the giant that was atop of me and I felt his weight shift off my legs and the hand on my back grow heavy as he leaned forward. Another whiz and thud as another arrow hit its mark.Read More »