Writing Prompt 060: Part 7

MILLER: 7th Character from the left.
Phrase to Include: “This is bad.” “You said that already.” “It seemed worth repeating.”


Miller shook out his blanket and folded it just so. He sighed, it was still dark outside and he was so not ready to get this show on the road. He just wanted to curl his aching muscles back up and go to sleep for a year. He stuffed the now folded small blanket into his pack and pulled his black coat closer around his shoulders. He looked up to see that annoying twit named Cassie bat her long lashes at him and giggle. He hated when girls giggled. So irritating. He rolled his eyes and turned away, hoisting his pack to his back.

“Hold up Miller! I need you to carry these please.” Read More »

Writing Prompt 059: Part 6

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FREDERICK: 6th character from the left.
Phrase to include: “Wow. I didn’t think that would work.” “Neither did I.” “It was your idea!” “So?”


Frederick smiled softly and settled down for sleep. The others were already in varying degrees of sleep. The embers from the fire burned low and cast a soft glow over the campsite. He shivered slightly and scooted closer to the little bit of heat the emanated from the coals. The smell of acrid smoke and musty wood filled his nostrils. He pulled his book closer to himself. He never let it get out of reach. He hugged it to his stomach as he curled on his side and closed his eyes.Read More »

How to Write More: The Shelving Process

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The Shelving Process.

When it comes to writing, us creatives are, well, creative. We have so many ideas flying around that it can be hard to keep it straight. But in the defense of productivity, we need to utilize a process called shelving.

I don’t know if Shelving is a real thing, but it is for me and I made it up for my own peace of mind. Others may call it something else, but that is what I have chosen to call it. The definition of Shelving is taking something, usually a project, dream, or idea and putting it on the shelf for the time being until it can be taken down again in it’s proper time and used or achieved.Read More »

Writing Prompt 058: Part 5


JACK: Fifth from the left.

Jack’s stomach started to feel queasy after eating that frog and he wondered if he had cooked it over the puny campfire long enough. He rolled over to see Frederick studying his book again. He rolled his eyes, of what use was book learning.

“You, know! There really is no use of you keeping on reading like that. It’s not going to help us any.” Jack was testing Frederick.

He looked up calmly at Jack. “You may think so, however, We all do need what I read in this book. Would you like to read some?”

“NO! I don’t want to read your stupid book!” He rolled over irritably and lay on his side, pulling his blanket closer.Read More »


Enjoy this installment of the Very Awesome Vlog Challenge hosted by Ivy Rose from Lakeside Publications. I had fun with these questions! I will post the questions below the video. I would love to hear your answers. Open-mouthed smile


Questions for VAVC #8, January – March

1. Do you believe that anyone can be a writer?

2. What is your ideal reading spot?

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?


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Writing Prompt 057: Part 4


Character: Monique, 4th from the left.

Phrase to include: “Why do you hate me?” “I don’t hate you. I’m just saying that if you got punched in the face, I’d have blood on my knuckles.”


Monique huddled under her blanket. Shivering with equal parts fear and cold. She had always been timid, and she hated that about herself. She was so tired of being scared. But, when they reached their journey’s end, maybe she wouldn’t have to be afraid anymore. At Least this was better than living in her old home. As the scullery maid for a tavern, she was often subject to dealings with men who were unsavory, rude, drunk and even brutal. Even her mistress Lady Dodo had not been above beating her help when she thought it was deserved. Monique had tried very hard not to spill anything, break anything, do everything on time and efficiently, but no one could be perfect and it was nearly impossible to please her worship Lady Dodo.

She was often in trouble since she was so frightened all the time. She had been carrying a tray with several tankards of ale and it was very heavy. She had been concentrating on not spilling it, but even so, she couldn’t help but overhear one of the conversations as she passed a table.Read More »