Author-y Vlog and an Outfit

First of all. . . Here is a Part 1 of a Q&A vlog that I filmed! I put out a call for questions on Goodreads and I got some really great ones! I talk some about my writing of BOUND that you all have been reading over the last few months. Smile


This is the outfit I wore on one of my birthday dates! I went out to a special restaurant with my Mama and Daddy. I got to dress up which is always a fun thing for me as I don’t get to do it as often as I like. This dress is perfect for the season, wintry enough, but still very classy.Read More »

Very Awesome Vlog Challenge #3

Hi Ladies! I had a lot of fun participating in this Vlog Challenge from Ivy Rose!

If you can’t tell, I have a hard time fitting my answer to question one into one sentence! LOL! It was hilarious! I am a word person, what can I say?


Also, in case you missed it, I am still accepting applicants for the London in the Dark blog tour! And I have 2 more Goodreads/Amazon review spots open!

By God’s Grace,


LONDON Blog Tour Signups

The time has finally come! I am so excited to announce that I will be accepting applications for participating in the blog tour for London in the Dark. I am hoping to publish by the end of February. I am planning the blog tour to take place March 8-11th depending on how things go. If all goes well with publishing, I may bump it earlier by one week.Read More »

Publishing Announcement and Cover Reveal!

The day is finally here! I have been dreaming about this day for years! I am finally announcing the immanency of the publication of a novel written by yours truly!

It has been on my author page for a while as I have been working on it since the summer of 2015. I finished the writing of the rough draft last march and shelved it. I had had high hopes of finishing it much sooner, but life took over and I found that the break I took from it, allowed me a much clearer mind when it came to editing. After editing, it is currently as we speak in the beta reading stage. I have a group of ladies going through every detail so that we can make it the best that we can!

So. . . drumroll please!!!Read More »

BOUND: Chapter 1 by Victoria Lynn

bound train

Before I kick off this book, I wanted to give any new readers a little background. I did a writing prompt this summer that I loved so much and felt inspired to continue, and, after much encouragement from my readers in that direction, I pulled together an outline and started writing. It morphed from a short serial, into a full blown novel that I am planning (Lord willing) on publishing into book form at a later date. So, you get to read it first, for free! How cool is that! I am so so excited! A lot of time and work has gone into this project and I am so excited to share it with you all! This story really pulled on my emotions and there were times that I had to wipe away tears to see what I was writing. I hope this story touches, encourages, inspires, and entertains you. Ok, now, you can read away!


Chapter 1
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Chock Full of Writing, Announcements, and Stuff

Hello All!


Seriously, that title is so terrible! Gosh, you’d think I could come up with better than that. I could, but I won’t. Today I just wanted to update you all on my writing projects and I few other things I have going on. And as a little side note, the picture above makes my heart sing! I don’t know why, but I just think it is so pretty.Read More »

Writing Prompt 030//The Book Saver

book saver

The Book Saver

by Victoria Lynn


The book was like a lone broken survivor after an explosion. Its brittle pages ruffled in the soft wind that blew through the broken window. Gordon carefully lifted the brick from atop it and picked it up with gentle fingers. He blew the layer of dust that covered its printed pages. He thumbed to the beginning. The Scarlet Pimpernel. It was beautiful.

Gordon tucked it into his satchel for safe keeping. He started at a noise outside and brought a hand to his cap, which he pulled lower over his eyes. If he were caught, they might kill him as they had his father. It was a dark world.Read More »