BOUND: Blog Tour Day 3

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Welcome to day 3!

So Pinterest is obviously a huge part of a writer’s life. It makes it incredibly fun as we try to envision our books. Often times, we create these pictures in our head and then find something incredibly similar on pinterest, but with more color, more depth, more detail than our minds could ever conjure up. A picture is worth a thousand words. Often times finding that perfect image just makes my heart sing. It brings my fantasy’s to realities and makes me feel as though I am capturing the image with just the right words. So below, I created a collage/mood board for Bound. You can browse the rest of the pinterest board if you click on the image.


BOUND: Blog Tour Day 2 // Characters

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Welcome to Day two Ya’ll! Today, I am going to give you a bit of insight into the characters of Bound! Enjoy these info graphics I had fun making!

I had such a delight working with these characters. They became friends to me and I couldn’t help but love them as they were slowly crafted in my mind. I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I did!

I have cried with them, laughed at them, and cruelly enjoyed plotting their struggles and joys.

You can purchase the book here.

Bound Character Promo

Bound Character Promo 2

Bound Character Promo 3

Today’s Participants:

~ Kaitlin Smith from Maidens For Modesty : Review/Interview

~ Gabriellyn Gidman from Page Turner’s Web : Interview/Spotlight

~ Ivy Rose from Lakeside Publications : Review/Interview

You can enter the magnificent giveaway, here!

Which character interests you the most or is your favorite?

By God’s Grace,


BOUND: Blog Tour Day 1


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Lovelies. . .

The time has come.

I am overwhelmed with joy and tears at the same time. I can’t even believe that this day has come. One year after writing this story, I am getting to see it published! I am still waiting to hold that paperback copy in my hands. . . that is a long story, but it is on it’s way and I am sure you will get a picture or video of me being ecstatic at some point this week.Read More »

Nano Prep // 2017

Na no wri mo

So. . . Ummm. . . I didn’t do a whole lot of prep. With the impending book release, formatting, editing, reformatting again and again, I haven’t really had the time. And both of the projects that I plan on working on are ones that I already have the outline put together for so. . .

Outlines: CHECK!

I am super excited to get started, but scared at the same time. I have never done a “legit” NaNoWriMo. I just played along with everyone else by picking my own goal and shooting for that versus the whole 50k thing. *freaks out*Read More »

2017 Q&A. . . Finally

I am legit not even going to apologize. Not one bit.

It took me 2 hours to film the questions from you people.

The edited video finally came down to nearly an HOUR LONG.


Hence the reason it took so long to get it to you. After hours of splicing and listening to myself talk. (ew) then a 7 hour exporting time (my poor computer) I finally offer you the fruit of my labors.

Grab a bucket of popcorn and some tea and sit back and listen to the answers to your questions! I would love to hear your comments and I hope you don’t mind that I climbed atop a soapbox or two. *blushes* Watch away!



By God’s Grace,


BOUND: Release Blog Tour Sign-Ups

Hello lovelies!

It is finally time! Almost a year since writing this baby, I am ready to release it to the world. Well, almost. There is just a little bit of work. . . okay, a lot left to do before the release, but I wanted to pick a date so that you all could get in on the action!

The doc should detail everything you need. . . If not, there is a question section. Open-mouthed smile

So, here is the form.

This book means a lot to me and I have been blown away by how many people it touched just as a simply blog serial last year. I know there are quite a few of you who have been super excited to get a paperback version of this story. Just a month away! Or less actually. *freaks out*  Back to editing!!!! *grabs a mug of tea and settles down to finish.

Following is a gif storyline of my feelings right now:Read More »