Writing Prompt 070 // Part 2

writing prompt 070

You can find part 1 here.


I couldn’t see the arrow, but I knew that’s what it was at it whizzed past my ear and struck its mark behind me with a thwap. A groan burst from the giant that was atop of me and I felt his weight shift off my legs and the hand on my back grow heavy as he leaned forward. Another whiz and thud as another arrow hit its mark.Read More »

Writing Prompt #070


writing prompt 070

I hated being chased. It was my worst fear. As a child I would have nightmares about it. I hated that feeling. The crawling shivers that raced their way up my spine and the sudden jolt of my heart as every sense that I had was straining to determine where my attacker was.

I should have never joined Robin Hoods band of brothers if I didn’t want to be chased. Just another of those stupid mistakes to add to the list that punctuated my life like too many commas.Read More »

Writing Prompt #069


“Lower the gun.”

The order was the last thing I wanted to follow. I had been taught all of my life that you do what you are told. That if you do, you won’t get in trouble and that you will live long and prosper on this earth.

But now, as I stood here, holding a gun in my trembling hands and pointing it at my own mother, the only conscientious choice that I had was to disobey the woman who had given me life.Read More »

Indie Publishing: My Pros and Cons

indie publishing

I thought this might be a useful post for some of you who may have not taken the step or journey into the publishing world yet, or even maybe for those who have. I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons that I have discovered for myself. Honestly, I don’t think Indie is the end all be all. There are so many paths, and there can be a right and wrong for you, that may be different for others. God has a separate path for each of us and I wish you the best on whichever one that is. So let’s get into it! Here is my list of pros and cons. Read More »