Writing Prompt 056: Part 3


CARL: Third from the left.

Phrase to include:  “Stop grinning.” “I can’t. It’s been stuck to my face.”


Carl rubbed his face and turned away from watching the older boys. Jack had eaten a frog. With as hungry as he was, he couldn’t really blame him. He watched Lissie walk back towards her brother. She reminded him of his mother somehow. It must be the blond hair and her large dark eyes. His heart throbbed painfully and he swallowed at the memory of his mother. It had only been a year since he had last seen her. Much more recent than all the others had seen their parents. He missed her terribly and could not seem to put it behind him the way the others did. When he was seven, his father had left to join the navy. Rather, he had been conscripted. He didn’t’ remember much about his father. It had been a long time ago. But what he did remember was how happy father had made his mother. They had been such a happy family. So full of laughter. One moment stood clearly in his memory of when they were all together. They had been eating dinner and teasing each other.Read More »

Why I Chose To Publish With Createspace

Why I Chose To Publish With

*disclaimer* I have only used Createspace, so I can’t really speak knowledgeably about the other companies out there. I just am explaining why I chose Createspace and what some of the Pros and Cons were for myself.

There are a few reasons for this blog post. I feel like people as me a lot why I chose to self-publish, and that is kind of a different post all-together. However, why I chose Createspace in particular to self-publish is the topic of this post.

Reason number 1

The main thing that drew me to Createspace is that they are a company owned by amazon and once your book is published, it is available on Amazon for sale.Read More »

Writing Prompt 055: Part 2


Character: Second from the left.

Line to include:  “Did you just-” “Yep.” “But wasn’t that-” “Yep.” “Will you just-” “Nope.”


Lissie rubbed her hands together in front of the fire. She was more scared than she cared to admit. She had been through a lot. She missed her mother and father and all of her younger siblings. She took a deep breath. She had to be strong. She hated the thought of leaving her younger siblings behind. They had no idea where they were, and time was short, she knew in her mind that there was no way they could safely find them all right now. But her heart begged otherwise.Read More »

Writing Prompt #54 : Part 1

Two summers ago, I was a part of a email writing group. We had a lot of fun, but over the summer we were give a pictures that had 10 characters in it. We were also given 10 phrases that we somehow had to incorporate into each persons story. Over the course of the 10 weeks, we wrote a character per week and I thought I could share it here. I will do one character per week, as we originally wrote it. Some of the stories may be somewhat ludicrous, odd, or strange depending on what phrase we had to work into the story. I will also have you know, I wasn’t in charge of picking any of this. Our group leader did. LOL! Which made it quite interesting, having no control over what we were to write. I wanted it to be somewhat cohesive between the weeks though, so I set it in a fantasy/dystopian genre. It was very different for me, but here it is. Open-mouthed smile Also, I did write this two years ago and it isn’t anything publishing quality. Just some fun bit of a writing exercise. I hope you enjoy! I also wrote it starting with the character all the way to the left and working my way to the right each week.


Phrase to include: “I just realized how dangerous this could be.” “I’ve known it all along.” Read More »

Writing Lies // Part 3

Writing Lies Series

“Don’t be too wordy.”

 I have actually received this one a lot. While I agree to an extent that maybe it isn’t a good idea to spend three paragraphs describing the color of someone’s eyes, the extent to which this advice is used is not a good approach. I have seen people take out whole chunks of description and explanation to avoid being too wordy. Leaving holes in the story and making me ask too many questions.Read More »

Writing Lies // Part 2

Writing Lies Series

“Write like you talk”

I personally haven’t received this one very much in my life. Which I am glad of. Because if someone told me this, I might just punch them in the proverbial teeth.

This advice, while possibly a good idea when it comes to dialogue, is nothing short of a disaster when it comes to descriptions or the rest of the book. While one shouldn’t open a thesaurus and start using ginormous, multisyllabic words no one has ever heard of, we should seek to elevate our language. The average American has a working vocabulary of 3,000 words. Shakespeare had 54,000 words.

Let that sink in a moment.Read More »