Why I Want To Homeschool: Life Experiences


This post will be short and sweet. One of the reasons that I want to homeschool is the amount of real life experiences that I have had in my life as a result. I mentioned in a previous post how I had more time to pursue passions and be creative due to homeschooling, and while this post does fall under a similar category, it’s a little bit different. Read More »

Why I Want To Homeschool: Learning Types


This might be an interesting post and I will try to make as much sense as possible,
I am coming at this from two different angles.
One. Every person learns differently. If you are like me, I learn things by experience. I need to do them myself to really get the hang of it and understand after someone tells or shows me how to do something. In my family, since there were 9 kids, I found it very interesting as it gave me a front row seat to see how so many different people did everything just a little bit different.Read More »

Why I Want To Homeschool // Bullying


I know that if I homeschool my kids, this monster will not be non-existent. But, speaking from my own personal experience, I was far better equipped to deal with bullying, but also, I didn’t have to deal with a lot of it.

Bullying these days is a rampant evil that runs amuck through our school systems and in our children’s lives. It is something that we should not be turning a blind eye to. Read More »

Why I Want To Homeschool: Freedom


Growing up, this was a huge, important part of our School routine. There was so much freedom and flexibility, that I honestly am so excited to homeschool my kids and set our own schedule.

If someone needed a doctor appt, but the only openings were doing school hours, we just shifted our school time to afterwards. Lots of activities are way less crowded if you go during school hours. If you have a special field trip or event, planning it during normal school hours and making up for it later was a fabulous way to get in activities and beat the crowds.Read More »