Writing Lies Part 6


Writing lies are back! Who is ready to delve back into this series? I love these posts because they definitely spark some conversation and I love hearing your thoughts on this subject. Let the controversy begin!

“That’s so Cliche”

Honestly, I’m just going to apologize in advance because a) this is a pet peeve of mine and b) it also tends to become a soapbox. So that out of the way . . . here we go. Read More »

7 Epic Writing Tips From Les Miserables // Feat. Livy Lynn

Hello all! Livy and I had a blast filming this for you all when she was visiting for a writer’s conference that we attended together! I have both part one and two below so you don’t have to go looking for it, but be sure to subscribe to both Livy and myself on youtube! There is something big coming on the blog soon, and will be announced on youtube, so make sure you stay connected there!Read More »