The Reluctant Godfather // Author Interview

The Reluctant Godfather (1)

Today I am here with a special treat for you! My dear friend, Allison Tebo is relaunching her book, The Reluctant Godfather. I have gotten to see this project grow from it’s infancy and it has been a pleasure to be able to assist her through the process of beta reading and even down to designing and formatting this new edition! I am so excited to see where she goes with this series, and having read the book numerous times, it’s such a pleasure that I am sure anyone would enjoy!Read More »

Writing Prompt #069


“Lower the gun.”

The order was the last thing I wanted to follow. I had been taught all of my life that you do what you are told. That if you do, you won’t get in trouble and that you will live long and prosper on this earth.

But now, as I stood here, holding a gun in my trembling hands and pointing it at my own mother, the only conscientious choice that I had was to disobey the woman who had given me life.Read More »

Historical Giveaway Winner


Thank you so much to everyone who participated! This has been such a blast!

Winner for the historical giveaway was,

REBECCA! Congrats girl!

and due to the fact that there was an extra surprise,

Rebekah Morris is the winner of two books as well!

I’ll see you all next week for the final giveaway!

By God’s Grace,


When Beauty Blooms Blog Tour Signups//I Goofed

So, just like every normal person, I apparently messed up. Well, personally, I think the technology had something to do with it, but I have to take some responsibility here. LOL! Apparently, the form never saved the fact that I needed email addresses. So, I have absolutely no way to contact most of the applicants. That being said, if you signed up for the blog tour, please forgive me for goofing it up, and either send me your email at or edit your entry into the doc. Thank you all so much for signing up! Here is the form again.


Why I Want to Homeschool: Mind Protection


Let’s face it, the public school isn’t the cleanest mental place for my child to be. I have talked with friends, coworkers, and others about what their experience was going to a public school, and backed up with further research, I am not excited about the idea of sending my child there.

So much adult content such as sex, drugs, alcohol, violence and other things, whether advertently or inadvertently, is funneled into kids brains in the public school system. It might be from another child who watches garbage that I wouldn’t watch myself, let alone let my kids watch, or it might even be through the classes that they are required to take. Read More »