So You Want To Be A Creator


What no one ever tells you about following your dreams.

When it comes to being a creator, specifically in my case, building businesses from the ground up. . . there is so much no one tells you. All the how-to posts, the “get rich quick” mentality, the excitement and the hype. Some people look at the Instagram, Youtube and Facebook creators and think they have it made. That they got rich quick and found the answer to success. And there’s a part of us that really wants to see that dream come true for ourselves. Read More »

How I Taught Myself To Write // Part 2

Some sun andvitamin sea

I hope you enjoyed last weeks post full of writing resources that are completely free. If you did not read it, here is the link.

This post is about what I did aside from research to teach myself how to write. There were a lot of practices and habits that I have formed over the years, tricks of the trade if you will that have really sharpened and tightened my skills as an author and a writer.Read More »

7 Epic Writing Tips From Les Miserables // Feat. Livy Lynn

Hello all! Livy and I had a blast filming this for you all when she was visiting for a writer’s conference that we attended together! I have both part one and two below so you don’t have to go looking for it, but be sure to subscribe to both Livy and myself on youtube! There is something big coming on the blog soon, and will be announced on youtube, so make sure you stay connected there!Read More »

My Vacay/Vlog from Hailey Rose

The dear, sweet Hailey Rose hosted me last week at her house for a week long vacation that was wonderful in every way! My vlog of one of my days there is coming soon, but you can check out the last day of our trip in her vlog here! You can follow her blog here and subscribe to her on youtube. 

Enjoy our shenanigans and our epic polar plunge!

Get ready for some more videos in the future! Are you ready and excited!?

By God’s Grace