Writing Prompt 035

This prompt was super exciting!!!! It turned out so fun! I love the sass and sarcasm that the MC totally just took on. I wasn’t planning her to be this way, but she had a mind of her own and ran away with the story, and a bit of my heart.

Also, just to let you know, my book BOUND that published as a serial here on the blog will be taken down in one week in preparation for editing and publishing. So, if you are in the middle of reading it, or want to give it a read before it comes off the internet, now would be the time. I will be taking it down next Wednesday, May 17th. Anyway, on to the prompt!


“Well, the best of the best weren’t available. . .so we got the best of the mediocre.” My boss, Duke frowned with his comment and avoided eye contact with the girls face.

“O. . .K. . . I guess I will take it from here.” I felt awkward, but I cut him a glare. He always was so rude.

He squirmed slightly under my righteous indignation and I felt comforted to know it had rung true. “Yes, well, I will get back to my office. Show her what to do.”Read More »

Writing Prompt 034

Welcome to Writing Prompt 034! This is the series where I take a random snippet or picture, and base a story off of it. I hope you enjoy this one. It made me cry. *sniffs* I need a tissue.


Carson wheeled into the driveway and killed the motor, a sad smile on his face. His little brother was going to flip. His mom poked her head out the door, grinned, then grimaced. Having her boys ride on a motorcycle wasn’t exactly her idea of a good idea, but she agreed to pretty much anything for Clay.Read More »

Blades of Acktar Video Review (Spoiler Free) and Giveaway Winner

I have a video for you today! I did an overall review of the entire Blades of Acktar Series in honor of the late release of the last book. *cue the sad music* the series is over!!!! *wails* But, the writing of the books are splenderific and I wish more people knew about them! You can hear my thoughts below! Hopefully, I didn’t get to rambly.

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